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TIANCHI liquid nitrogen cryogenic container 10L in Andorra
Origin of place China
Model yds-10
Supplier Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Price 1
Hits 456
Update 12/15/2018
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The liquid nitrogen biological container is mainly used for breeding livestock semen frozen storage (AI) and cryopreservation of human organs, skin, blood, cells, industrial cooling assembly, cold treatment of metallic materials, cryogenic comminution, superconducting and other aspects. With the development of science and technology and the needs of industrial and agricultural production, it will be quickly spread and application, and show a bright future.


The attribute of nitrogen:

Nitrogen is a colorless, tasteless, and no odor, non-toxic gas, but in poorly ventilated, evaporation of nitrogen will reduce the oxygen content of the room, on the human body has the danger of suffocation. Therefore, we should strengthen the interior ventilation, please keep indoor air circulation.







Net Weight(kg):5.8

Static Storage(D):105

Static Power Dissipation(Kg/D):0.08


Company: Henan Tianchi Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd.

Tel: 86-0371-56788280 86-18903712477

Fax: 86-0371-65715725

E-mail: 648486900@qq.com

Website: http://cntianchiyiqi.en.alibaba.com/

Henan Tianzhidao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. owned container of liquid nitrogen container production of the latest technical equipment and testing means of modern enterprise. The production of liquid nitrogen containers are widely used in livestock breeding livestock semen frozen storage; medical and health industry in human organs, skin, blood, cells cryopreserved; bio-engineering, industrial cooling assembly, cold treatment of metallic materials, low temperature, such as crushing and the majority of the field of superconductivity.
Since we strictly control the quality strictly in accordance with national standards 鈥淕B/T5458 liquid nitrogen biological container鈥 organization of production, to ensure that each product 100% qualified .And access to GB/T19001-2000 quality management system certification. All staff to adopt a scientific attitude, strict management, so that products are sold throughout the country. And products are exported to all over the world, bulk export of Thai/ Vietnamese /Korean/Korea/Australia/ Ukraine /Mexico and other places.
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