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Circulating Water Pump SHB-III
Circulating Water Pump SHB-III
Origin of place China
Supplier Toption Group Co., Ltd
Price $350-500
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Update 11/5/2018
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 Circulating Water Pump SHB-III

Description of circulating water pump:

SHB-III vacuum pump model circulating water is used in circulating water pumps and more, based on the characteristics of small area under the laboratory, the overseas similar pumps, one is made, it is suitable for rotary evaporator, is small light weight, beautiful appearance and so, movement and stainless steel impeller, two tables, double exhaust, and with ice hole, jet device.
Main features of circulating water pump:
1. This machine adopts double-tap, can be used alone or in parallel, with two tables;

2. The host of stainless steel stamping, sophisticated appearance, the case is of special engineering plastics;

3. Silencer with a special fluid, reduce water, gas and liquid friction noise, so that higher and more stable vacuum. Corrosion-resistant, no pollution, low noise, easy to move, but also the user needs to install a vacuum valve, easy to operate;

4. Storage tanks using a newly developed special plastic material, containing acetone, ether, chloroform and other organic chemicals operations, with some corrosion resistant dissolution.


Technical parameters of circulating water pump:
1. Largest vacuum: 0.098Mpa
2. Single-head exhaust volume: 10L/min
3. Exhaust the number of heads: 2
4. Tank capacity: 15L
5. Circulation flow rate: 80L/min
6. Pump head: 8m
7. Power: 180W
8. Body Material: Corrosion Engineering Plastics
9. Power Requirements: 200V/50Hz

Toption Instrument is specialized in below lab equipments for more than 8 years, and all our products passed ISO9001.
1. Chemical Synthesis Reactors(single layer glass reactor, double layer glass reactor, three layer glass reactor, Glass liquid separator, Vacuum Filter(glass & stainless steel);
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3.Photochemical Reactor Serie;
4. Ultrasonic Instruments Series
5.Freeze Dryer & Refrigerated Instruments Series
6.Thermostatic Bath Series
7.Drying Oven & Incubator Series
8. Conventional Lab Instrument Series
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