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BSA/OVA Antigen
BSA/OVA Antigen
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    AG071   Antigen Doxycycline - BSA / OVA
    AG072   Antigen Oxytetracycline - BSA / OVA
    AG073   Antigen Aureomycin - BSA / OVA
    AG074   Antigen Ciprofloxacin - BSA / OVA
    AG075   Antigen Sarafloxacin - BSA / OVA
    AG076   Antigen Enrofloxacin - BSA / OVA
    AG077   Antigen Quinolones - BSA / OVA
    AG078   Antigen Testosterone - BSA / OVA
    AG079   Antigen Cholesterol - BSA / OVA
    AG080   Antigen Estradiol - BSA / OVA
    AG081   Antigen Estriol- BSA / OVA
    AG082   Antigen L-Thyroxine - BSA / OVA
    AG083   Antigen Triiodothyronine(T3) - BSA / OVA
    AG084   Antigen Spectinomycin - BSA / OVA
    AG085   Antigen Nandrolone phenylpropionate - BSA / OVA
    AG086   Antigen Trenbolone - BSA / OVA
    AG087   Antigen Cefalexin - BSA / OVA
    AG088   Antigen Ampicillin - BSA / OVA
    AG089   Antigen Sulfamethoxazole - BSA / OVA
    AG090   Antigen Sulfadiazine - BSA / OVA
    AG091   Antigen Sulfamerazine - BSA / OVA
    AG093   Antigen Sulfathiazole - BSA / OVA
    AG094   Antigen Sulfisoxazole  - BSA / OVA
    AG095   Antigen Sulfamonomethoxine- BSA / OVA
    AG096   Antigen Nicarbazin - BSA / OVA
    AG097   Antigen Diclazuril - BSA / OVA
    AG098   Antigen Lincomycin - BSA / OVA
    AG099   Antigen Erythromycin - BSA / OVA
    AG100   Antigen Metronidazole - BSA / OVA
    AG101   Antigen Cyproheptadine - BSA / OVA

    Company Wuhan Unibiotest Co.,ltd
    ADD NO1,Guanshan Road,Donghu, wuhan,430015, China
    Tel 86-27-81329156

    Unibiotest Co.; Ltd specialize in developing reagents of immunodiagnostic technology and biological systems with higher accuracy andreliability for results of the highest quality.

    Unibiotest builds up professional platform to develop more than 10,000 products, including antibodies, antigens, biochemicals, ELISA kits, CLIA kits, and laboratory equipments,etc.

    Unibiotest laboratories manufacture Antibodies, Proteins, Food safety ELISA kits, Food safety Rapid Tests, Animal Disease ELISA Kits, Animal Disease Rapid Test Kits, Laboratory equipments with incubators and diagnostic system.
    Unibiotest has an enthusiastic and creative R&D team, consisting with a group of experienced technicians in lateral flow immunoassay field, and set up long relationship with first-class institutes,universities,academies, to provide excellent service for human healthy and earth.

    Unibiotest are committed to saving lives by ensuring individuals worldwide have access to timely and correct diagnosis. Our products are used in over 100 countries worldwide by:
     Government Laboratories
     Food industry Laboratories
     Veterinary Clinics
     Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Unibiotest welcomes potential partners and distributors to explorebusiness relationships with all customer in the worldwide, focused on scie-tech, integrity, quality and service for the customers.

    Wuhan Unibiotest Co., ltd
    No1, Guanshan road, Wuhan 430060, China

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