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VACUBOY - vacuum hand operator
VACUBOY - vacuum hand operator
Origin of place Switzerland
Supplier INTEGRA Biosciences AG
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Update 11/15/2018
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For aspiration of liquids from all sorts of containers

Product description:

The VACUBOY from INTEGRA is a convenient tool that converts a vacuum source into a user friendly system for aspirating liquids from virtually any laboratory container 鈥 at the touch of a button and in a controlled way. The hand piece, the core element of the VACUBOY, is simply connected to any available vacuum source using silicone tubing and fitted with one of the different aspiration adapters. The perfect match is obtained when the VACUBOY is connected to a VACUSAFE aspiration system.

Features and benefits:

•The large choice of adapters allows VACUBOY to handle liquids from all tubes, dishes, bottles, T-flasks or multi-well plates, suiting their form and size.
•Adapters for aspiration with Pasteur/serological pipettes, disposable pipette tips or stainless steel needles.
•Multi-channel adapters for fast emptying of multi-well plates.

The anti-drip system prevents liquid waste leakage from the tip or pipette, reducing contamination risks when working with biohazardous liquids.

Autoclavable and sterilizable, VACUBOY allows a maximal safety in the laboratory when working with hazardous biological liquid waste.

Vacuum regulation by a touch-sensitive button for controlled and smooth aspiration of liquids.

Ergonomic, perfectly suited for long working, productive or repetitive aspiration tasks.

INTEGRA is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling and media preparation. We are committed to fulfill the needs of our customers in research and quality control within the life science industry.

Our worldwide known products include the VIAFLO and VOYAGER Electronic Pipettes, PIPETBOY Serologic Pipettors, VACUSAFE and VACUSIP Aspiration Systems, DOSE IT Peristaltic Pumps, FIREBOY Safety Bunsen Burners, MEDIACLAVE and MEDIAJET Media Preparation Equipment and VIAFILL Reagent Dispensers. Visit www.integra-biosciences.com to see our new EVOLVE manual pipettes with its unique quick volume set feature.

INTEGRA is headquartered in Zizers, Switzerland and Hudson NH, USA maintaining a direct sales organization in the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a worldwide network of over 100 highly trained international distribution partners.
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