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Soil moisture station
Soil moisture station
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    Soil moisture station HLY-EXSF06 is mainly composed of data collector, GPRS data transmission module, solar power supply system, soil moisture sensor, protection box, support, etc. It is a very suitable equipment for monitoring soil drought and flood in the field for a long time. The equipment is protected against wind, rain, lightning and dust. It is monitored in the field for a long time, so it is unnecessary to check the data on site. The device adopts wireless GPRS transmission mode, and users can view and download data only by logging in the platform. The soil moisture monitoring station adopts the most advanced Internet of things mode. The user does not need to go to the site, and can set the collection interval and alarm functions for the equipment by logging in the platform.

    1. Data collector performance parameters:


    (1) Meet the requirements of field operation, with wind, rain, dust and other functions, meet the IP65 protection level.


    (2) Acquisition setting: the acquisition time interval can be set freely, and the acquisition interval can be set arbitrarily from 1 minute to 24 hours.


    (3) Collector: support dc9 ~ 24V input, power supply with anti reverse connection, anti pulse group, lightning protection, anti-static and other protection measures.


    (4) Data storage: with standard USB2.0 interface, you can use USB flash disk to export data.


    (5) Site data download: support RS485 interface acquisition, computer direct connection, U disk data download.


    (6) Communication mode: the collector supports GPRS and GSM wireless transmission mode at the same time, which can transmit data information to the designated meteorological server to realize remote control and transmission of data; it can receive and view the current real-time data through (supporting 90%) smart phones (Android system), and set parameters;

    (7)时钟要求:内部集成实时时钟(RTC时钟电源3V) 外部电源断电后可以运行3年以上。

    (7) Clock requirements: the internal integrated real-time clock (RTC clock power supply 3V) can run for more than 3 years after the external power supply is cut off.


    (8) Collector reliability: the temporary failure of external power supply and communication system will not affect data collection, and the delayed data can be downloaded automatically after communication is restored; the collected and stored data will not be lost in case of permanent power failure.

    2. Protective case:


    (1) Process requirements: adopt metal shielding case to ensure the integrity and stability of high-speed signal.


    (2) Use all-weather case, with safety design, to meet the requirements of permanent monitoring.


    (3) The sealing level of the case reaches IP65 standard.


    (4) All equipment (including rechargeable battery (can extend the service life of the equipment in the field environment, with certain anti-theft function)

    3. Solar power supply system (including solar panel, controller, battery):


    (1) Equipment power supply can provide at least the following two power supply modes

    (2) 外接交流电:220V供电。

    (2) External AC: 220V power supply.


    (3) Solar power supply system (professional buried type): it can ensure that the whole set of monitoring equipment can work normally for more than 72 hours in one full charge.

    4. Integrated equipment support:


    (1) Material of equipment support: the support rod and support are made of anti-corrosion and anti rust all metal.


    (2) Service life: the effective service life of the installation, material and structure of the fixed station is more than 3 years.


    (3) The equipment support is easy to install and maintain.


    (4) The automatic monitoring system can be installed on the hard ground, building and green surface with a height of 2m from the ground.

    5. Soil moisture sensor parameters:


    . measurement parameters: soil volume moisture content

    .量 程:0~100% RH

    . range: 0-100% RH

    .单 位:%(m3/m3)

    . unit:% (m3 / m3)


    . measurement accuracy: ± 3%


    . interchange accuracy: < 3%


    . retest Accuracy: < 1%

    .工作电流:约15mA .响应时间:<1秒

    . working current: about 15mA. Response time: < 1s


    . measurement stability time: 1 second


    . material characteristics: stainless steel (resistant to electrolysis, long-term electrolysis, acid and alkali corrosion in soil)


    . probe protection body: 316 high-quality stainless steel, 10cm in length and 2cm in diameter (small diameter for easy insertion into soil)


    . soil temperature measurement range: - 40-120 ℃


    . accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃


    . resolution: 0.01 ℃

    6. Software Description:


    A unified software platform for soil moisture data management is provided. According to the soil capacity and field water capacity, the software platform can automatically switch between volume water content and relative water content; it can be accessed through computers, mobile phones, mobile terminals, etc.; it can locate monitoring points and view real-time data through electronic maps; it can carry out statistics and summary of soil moisture and temperature by time period It can form trend chart, drought situation chart, rainfall statistics and charts by day, month and year, data can be exported to local for backup, and secondary development of software platform function can be provided.
    Wuhan Hanliny Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the optical valley high tech Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of soil testing instruments, plant testing instruments and environmental testing instruments. It is a comprehensive technology enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The main products include soil/fertilizer Nutritional Parameters, soil temperature and humidity meter, soil moisture meter, soil conductivity meter, soil salinity meter, soil moisture temperature and salinity meter, soil pH/Eh tester, soil three parameter tester, soil moisture station, soil drill, soil drill comprehensive suit, root drill suit, original soil sampler, etc.; photosynthetic instrument, Leaf transpiration rate meter, Plant respirometer, canopy analyzer, root scanning analysis system, chlorophyll meter, leaf area meter, stem strength meter, leaf thickness meter, etc.; weather station, handle weather station, greenhouse environmental station, greenhouse environmental recorder, temperature and humidity recorder, CO2 recorder, rainfall record Instrument, solar radiation recorder and other instruments.
    The company's products are mainly used in agriculture, forestry, teaching, scientific research, meteorology, environment and other fields. It cooperates with many agricultural universities, scientific research institutions, agricultural extension stations, soil and fertilizer stations, agricultural and forestry bureaus, etc., and has been unanimously praised by customers. The company adheres to high-quality after-sales service, technical training for each sold instrument, regular return visit, Q & A, deeply trusted and supported by users.
    Hanliny adheres to the concept of innovation and pragmatism, pursuit of excellence, sincerity and customer first, will adhere to the research and development of more advanced instruments and equipment, and serve customers with high-quality products, quality and preferential prices.
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