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Flexible Sterility Test Isolator
Flexible Sterility Test Isolator
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Zhejiang Tailin Bioengineering Co.,LTD
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    Tailin Bioengineering  has been committed to the development of isolation technology and the applied research of pharmaceutical industry for a long time. We can provide comprehensive technology solutions with a variety of isolators,ranging from the QC department’s sterility test technology , biosafety containment, the isolator technology for production (sterile packing, 
    weighing, ingredients, crushing, sampling, etc.) to RABS. The latest sterile isolators for QC and R & D laboratory detection, is almost suitable for all sterile testing of sterile preparations and sterile bulk drugs (API),which is based on the pharmacopoeia statutory 
    methods (membrane filtration method and the direct inoculation method).


    Power: 1500W

    ·T ouch screen: Siemens 7.5 inches color touch screen

    ·Cabin pressure control range:-80Pa ~ 80Pa

    ·Humidity Resolution: 0.1%

    ·T emperature Resolution: 0.1 ℃

    ·Pressure Resolution: 0.1Pa

    ·Plenum chamber micro-differential pressure gauge resolution: 10Pa

    ·PC Connection distance: ≤ 100m

    ·Built-in sterility test pump maximum flow : ≥ 300ml/min

    ·Purification level within cabin: Agrade

    ·Impermeability: leakage rate per hour ≤ 0.5%

    ·Material door diameter: 500mm

    ·Transfer gate diameter: 280mm

    ·Exhaust pipe diameter: 50mm

    ·T est cabin(L* W * H): 1806mm * 1048mm *2000mm; 

    ·Transfer cabin(L* W * H): 1306mm * 1048mm * 2000mm 

    ·Weight: T est cabin: about 270Kg ;  Transfer cabin: about 200Kg

    Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz


    Learn more from our official website:
    TAILIN Bioengineering Co., Ltd(STOCK CODE:300813) is established in 2002 and become the most professional and influential bioengineering equipments manufacturer in China today.

    But we know it clearly that the competitive will be tougher and tougher. We have to keep moving, that’s why we put lots of capital in R&D, and our products have gotten more than 100 patents in China.

    We also know the R&D is only part of the core competence, what’s more important is the management. In order to improve our management, our company has gotten certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001. Most of our equipments have CE certificates. We drafted many National and Industry standards in the name of first author.

    We know it well that the R&D and good management are far from enough to an excellent company. Satisfaction from customers has always been the most important. Thus, the CRM system is introduced to keep a record of every step to follow up the customers’ requirements. Complete validation service is provided to reduce customers’ workload; every sound from customer no matter criticism or complaint is welcomed, since we take them as the motivation to promote our products and service.

    But we know we are still far from enough to become a excellent company, and we are still younger compare to the great transnational companies. In order not disappoint our customers, we have to keep hard working and growing.
    We are still and always on the road to be better, would you like togrow together with us?
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