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Scientz03-II Uv fixer
Scientz03-II Uv fixer
Origin of place China
Model Scientz03-II
Supplier Ningbo SCIENTZ Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Price 86-574-88350062
Hits 2334
Update 8/20/2016
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  • Product Detail
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·Product Model: Scientz03-II
·Product Overview
Characteristics: For fixing nucleotides on the membrane, it's only a matter of several-seconds-of-radiation at 254nm by the UV Fixer. However, according  to the traditional method the membrane has to be baked for 2 hours at 80OC by using a vacuum oven.
·Technical parameters:
鈼 UV wavelength锛312nm (365nm銆254nm provided)   
鈼 Exposure time and measuring range锛0-999.9 minutes锛宲ower 60W銆
鈼 UV source锛10W light tube×5 Information lossless under turning off
鈼 Energy sets and save: 9 exposures display on liquid crystal screen in chinesization
鈼 Time setting and save: 9 exposures Touchable keyboard
鈼 UV exposure Manual set energy:UV shaded window
鈼 UV exposure Manual set time:Wide stainless steel UV
鈼 External dimension锛360mm×340mm×310mm             
鈼 Exposure room dimension锛340mm×260mm×150mm
Ningbo SCIENTZ Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
No.65 Mujin Road,Ningbo, China
Phone: +86-574-88350062
Mobile Phone: +8613736014352
Fax: +86-574-87113393
E-mail: yi.michelle0724@gmail.com
URL: http://www.scientz.com
Ningbo Scientz Biotechnology Co.,Ltd锛 which was founded in 1989 and has carved out a name for itself, is devoted itself in developing and manufacturing bio-instruments. The company has obtained ISO900I:2000 QMS certification銆丆E Attestation and permit for manufacturing medical products. The company has been armed with perfect facilities and excellent means of development.

At present, Scientz has obtained 14 state patents. Among them锛孏ene Gun, which has been approved by the Innovation funds of Scientific department, has won second prize of science and technology development of Zhejiang province. Some of her other products such as Ultrasonic Cell Crusher銆乁ltrasonic cleaner and Gene Gun have succeeded in international and domestic biddings. A variety of bio-engineering instruments銆両mmune Magnetic Beads銆 FITC-labeling monoclonal Abs, polyclonal Abs and other reagents have been found in wide application in quite a few institutes of The Chinese Academy of Sciences and in labs of Peking University, Tsinghua University and Hong Kong science and engineering university, as well as in some other researching centers and major hospitals. In addition, some products have a market in many researching institutes in U.S.A, South Korea and other foreign countries. Currently, the users of Scientz products are more than 10,000 worldwide.

Scientz has employed a number of research fellows and senior engineers and collaborated profoundly with a lot of international and domestic biologists. Scientz is also the only well-known company that manufactures bioscience instruments.. Acting upon Scientz golden rule ----BUILDING UP A GOOD BUSINESS, MANUFACTURING QUALITY PRODUCTS, MORE OPENING UP AND BLAZING NEW TRAILS, Scientz will go to great lengths to serve clients.

Scientz expresses the sincere appreciation for the kindness of friends from various circles who have shown to Scientz for years and hope for more opportunities of cooperation and contacts in the near future. Friends, both at home and abroad, are welcome to join hands with us in the undertaking. Scientz will be pleased to build business relations with international and domestic clients, so as to promote our mutual development.

Scientz has branches in USA and Shanghai, and has opened many selling and serving centers in BeiJing, Guangzhou, Chengdou, etc. Almost in every scientific instruments company, medical products corporation or bio-products firm of major cities in China, the products of Scienctz could be found. Ultrasonic cleaning machines, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, constant temperature tank, homogenizer, ultrasonic crusher, ultrasonic crusher, "Xin-zhi" - China's largest production base of ultrasonic cell pulverizer. Ultrasonic pulverizer, sterile homogenizer, ultrasonic cleaning machines, cold water tank, high pressure gas gene gun and other scientific instruments in the international and domestic bidding often successful. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are exported to France, Britain, Russia and other countries. For animal and plant gene transduction research - gene gun specific to Asia. Ultrasonic cleaning machine, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, constant temperature tank, homogenizer, ultrasonic crusher, ultrasonic pulverizer, Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Xin-zhi, Xin-zhi bio-technology, new Zhi technology, ultrasonic cell pulverizer, ultrasonic cell disruption machines, cell pulverizer, cell crushing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machines, aseptic homogenizer, homogenized machines, high-speed dispersion device, thermostat bath...
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