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Low temperature vacuum spray drying machine
Low temperature vacuum spray drying machine
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    LSP-2000 lab low temperature spray dryer is deliberately designed for thermo-sensitive materials by LABOAO company. Fast drying of thermo-sensitive material has always baffled scientific research personnel. General vacuum drying and Spray drying bring great damage to material biological activity or structure. Freeze drying is time-consuming and inefficient, and dried materials are in bulks which require a second grinding. Based on long-term contact with research personnel, LABOAO company has realized that low-temperature spray dryer can effectively help research personnel solve thermo-sensitive material drying difficulty and deliberately developed LSP-2000 laboratory low-temperature dryer.

    The entire machine is compact and complete with no need of any other facility to operate. One-touch boot, large color LCD touch screen, either automatic or manual control, convenient for monitoring of operation and experiment. In particular, it achieves rapid material drying at low temperature (50℃) and provides very convenient and safe drying method for thermo-sensitive materials, such as biological product, high carbohydrate traditional Chinese medicine natural product extract, thermolabile polymer material, heat gasification material and so on.



    1. Spray dry at low temperature (50℃) using for thermosensitive material.
    2. 7" high-resolution LCD, human-oriented interface, Chinese and English menu, Optimize operation procedure, efficiency, flexibility, easy-going and easy learning.
    3. Particle size with normal distribution.
    4. Two fluid atomizing structure, made of SUS 316 Stainless steel. Easy operating.
    5. To assure accurate temperature control and easy parameter adjusting.
    6. The self-priming peristaltic pump delivers the sample liquid from a container through a small diameter jet into the main chamber to avoid secondary pollution, capacity: 300~1500ml/h.


    More Spray Dryer Information:
    Zhengzhou Laboao Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is one of a leading company in China, involved in manufacturing and supplying scientific & laboratory equipment. Located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province in China. We are a professional supplier of laboratory and medical equipment.LABOAO provide a wide range of products for educational institutions, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, life science and research laboratories etc. Our main products includes: Glass Reactor, Rotary Evaporator, Spray Dryer, Freeze Dryers, Autoclaves, Centrifuge, Chillers, Furnace, Flame Photometer, Spectrophotometer, Incubator, Oven, Viscometer, Laboratory Shaker, Microplate Reader, Kjeldahl Systems, Test Chambers, Clean Benches, CO2 Incubator, Ultrasonic Cleaner etc. We also provide many professional instruments for different industry, such as food industry, drug testing industry, coal industry, petroleum industry etc. All our products pass through numerous tests and undergo rigorous quality check during every phase of production and comply with stringent international standards.LABOAO is an ISO accredited company, and had certification for both ISO Quality Standard and CE standard.LABOAO company is mainly committed to export good quality product to the world. More than 5years export experience make us more professional. We are driven by continuous innovation and committed to provide reliable quality and competitively priced laboratory equipment.“Superior Quality, Top Service” makes LABOAO more reliable.

    Our company has 78 employees and 20 R&D teams. More than 85% of the company's employees have more than three years of professional foreign trade experience. 10% of the annual sales are focused on product development and improvement. We believe that only excellent teams can High quality service is good for customers.

    We advocates the corporate spirit of "integrity, dedication, integrity, cooperation". With its rich network marketing experience, corporate strategic management and talent advantages, the company constantly explores the past, forms an international channel brand, and incubates international brands with Internet thinking. Mission, strive to achieve our vision of redefining the premium and impact of Chinese products in the global market!
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