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AYE Rapid Scanning UV Detector
AYE Rapid Scanning UV Detector
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    UV Detectors provide unsurpassed sensitivity and selectivity as concentration detectors in GPC/SEC. The only limitation is that the sample must contain chromophoric groups and that the solvent used provide a window in the absorption range of UV light. With these conditions fulfilled, a UV Detector is of great use as a single concentration detector in GPC/SEC or, combined with a DRI Detector, for the determination of composition distribution of copolymers.

    The AYE Rapid Scanning UV combines high sensitivity, a huge linear range of more that 4 orders of magnitude and flexibility in the application, with solid physical base of clearly defined band- width and wavelength precision. It allows detection at two wavelengths, optional four wavelengths, at the same time and is therefore best suited for application where complex copolymers need to be characterized.
    Testa Analytical Solutions e.K. is a company dedicated to supplying the best possible instrumental solutions for characterization of polymers, particles, nanomaterials and proteins. Drawing upon over 30 years experience of technologies serving these markets, the staff at Testa Analytical are happy to share their knowledge with researchers worldwide to help provide them with a working solution for even the most demanding applications.

    TESTA Analytical Solution is a manufaturer and supplier of analytical instrumentation for polymer characterization, particle sizing and zeta-potential measurements. Our portfolio covers our line of GPC/SEC Chromatography equipment, developed and manufactured in Germany, and the full product range of Brookhaven Instruments Corp.including research grade Static Light Scattering (SLS) instruments known as goniometers, MALS Detectors for GPC/SEC, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) devices, analytical centrifuges with visible and x-ray sources and instruments for the determination of Zeta-Potential with both ELS and PALS methods.
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