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Pure water system (Tap water inlet)
Pure water system (Tap water inlet)
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Q plus E
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    Model Q plus E
    Flow Procedure: PF+AC+RO+DI
    PF: Pretreating; AC: Active carbon; RO: Reverse osmosis; DI: Ion exchange;
    UV: Ultraviolet (Double wave length 254, 185 nm); UF: Ultrafitration;
    DMF: Double memnbrane filtration; TF: Terminal treating;

    ●Ware washing●Agricultural expe●General biological expe●Aquatic products feeding●Inlet water for
    ultra pure water machine●Inlet water for water for sterilizer/T&H chamber●Buffer disposing●Aseptic
    drinking water●Physical and chemical analysis●Fine chemistry industry●Inlet water for ultra pure
    water machine●GC/HPLC

    Pure water quality:
    High pure water resistivity:13-17.5, RO water(TDS):5-10ppm, Heavy metal<0.1ppb,TOC<30ppb. Bacteria<1 CFU/ml(Only for UT mode),Particle(>0.22μm)<1/ml(Only for UT model)

    Technical spec:
    Output 25℃:15 Liters/hour*(plus model: 30 Liters/hour)
    Moment output:1.5 Liters/min (with pressure tank)
    Pure water outlet:2-RO water;high pure water
    Dimension/Weight/Power:W*D*H:50*36*54cm/ 20-30KG/ 220V;50HZ;72W

    Control system: Welcome to contact with Danny to get the details of product catalogue.
    Water source required:Welcome to contact with Danny to get the details of product catalogue.

    Welcome to contact with Danny to get the details of product catalogue.
    FL-Q series pure water system has CE mark.

    Inlet water: TDS200ppm,25℃,50psi and 15% recovery rate.
    GPD=gallon per day; 1 gallon=3.8L
    The quality of inlet water will effect output''s and cartridge''s life.

    We are Shanghai Fengling Laboratory Instrument Co.,Ltd who is specialized in designing, producing and selling laboratory equipment and instruments.Our product range includes biochemical incubator,mould incubator,constant temperature & humidity incubator,water-jacket incubator,shaking incubator,water-bath,vacuum drying oven,drying oven. Due to our long experience in this field, our outstanding technical resources and our focus on customer satisfaction our products are of premium quality and highest performance.

    Shanghai Fengling Laboratory Instrument Co.,Ltd, a Shanghai New & High enterprise, is a privately owned company which integrates scientific research, manufacturing industry, marketing, and Science & Technology consultation. It is dedicated in the manufacturing of laboratory instruments used in the life scientific field.
    Founded in 2005, Fengling, aiming to become the dominant brand of Chinese laboratory instrument, traces the most advanced technical developing trend of life scientific equipments with great innovation and concentration. Hence, with the leading patent technology and competitive price, we have won good reputation.
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