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Startle Response system
Startle Response system
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                       ZH-ZJT Startle Response system 

    ZH-ZJT startle response system is used for research animal’s response when get a strong and sudden stimulation,also data analysis,one computer can control 1-5pcs startle response box,noise stimulation also compatible add light,electricity,gas to stimulate,it according to user setting and give corresponding stimulation,it shows and storage the result of fear induced startle response time,latent response,startle range that in order to statistics and analysis.The data can lead in Excel and SPSS,easy to statistics.


    1.Weight sensor’s selection and confirmation(1-2kg)

    2.Using main controller +device controlling card.

    3.The function of device control card:

    Can accept main controller’s order,starting and pausing of the voice,electricity and gas.

    Can collect and amplification signal of the weight sensor and send to main controller.

    One observation device and one device controlling card.

    4.Function of main controller:

    Can communicate with upper computer,accept upper computer’s order and collect data,starting and pausing of the voice,light,electricity and gas.

    Can communicate with device controlling card.

    Available to control 4 device controlling card and working separately.

    5.Interface of upper computer’s software:

    Providing data collection interface of imaging,waveform shown(4channel)

    Providing setting interface of data collection.

    Providing data collection is real time.

    Upper computer determine the starting time,duration time and ending time of voice,light,and electricity.

    Upper computer determine the starting time,duration time and ending time of data collection.

    Providing OCX or DLL with module design and used Visual studio.net2003 development platform.

    6.Technical indicator:

    1)Voice stimulation intensity;85db,95db,max 130db,it can be set through software;voice stimulation frequency:4-25KHz,it can be set through software.

    2)Light stimulation intensity:2w;light stimulation frequency,standard 60/min.

    3)Electricity stimulation:0-3mA,adjustable.

    4)Gas stimulation:Adjusting gas pressure through gas bottle,the time of gas output can be control by control gas valve.

    5)Signal collection frequency:0-500KHz,it can be set through software.

    6)Data requirement:16 A/D digital signal.

    7).Upper computer and lower computer’s communication way is used USB.

    8).Data collection:beginning to stimulate,animal’s response latent,animals response height,animals response time,animals sound db collection.

    9).It can set stimulation way flexible,such as voice,light,electricity also mix.
    Established in 2004,headquarter in Anhui, branch in Beijing, Shanghai we are a professional manufacturer, Serving the basic medical and biological research field for animal experiment equipment development, production, sales and service as a professional technical enterprise
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