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Prior: Ground Breaking 3D Imaging of Biomedical Samples

hits:1887     Date:11/22/16
Prior Scientific reports on how its precision stages and focusing systems have been adopted by Mesolens Ltd. (www.mesolens.com) as part of their ground breaking microscope system that delivers faster, deeper, wider and more sensitive imaging than current methods.

The Mesolens microscope makes it possible, for the first time, to image relatively large biomedically important specimens such as embryos, brain areas or tumours with full 3D recording of many thousands of cells. The innovative design of the microscope includes a novel apochromat lens, with a numerical aperture to magnification ratio far in excess of conventional lenses used by other microscope manufacturers. The low magnification with exceptionally high numerical aperture lens can image an entire specimen, whilst retaining sub-celluar detail throughout the entire specimen, removing the need for image stitching. 
Prior: Ground Breaking 3D Imaging of Biomedical Samples

Prior Scientific's control system, motorised stage and focus motor were chosen by Mesolens Ltd because of their outstanding stability and reliability backed by Prior鈥檚 commitment to top quality and responsiveness to customer needs. 

The focus motor supplied by Prior Scientifc enables the Mesolens microscope to provide highly accurate imaging in the Z-Axis. The leading edge repeatability and precision of Prior Scientific microscope stage ensures that the correct position of the specimen is obtained and maintained throughout the entire imaging process. 

By using Prior Scientific as a supplier, Mesolens Ltd is confident that the positioning elements of their system are of the highest quality, meaning that the end user can take full advantage of the potential offered by their new microscope.

A technical paper from the University of Strathclyde (UK) evaluating the Mesolens microscope may be downloaded from https://elifesciences.org/content/5/e18659/article-info. Further information about the Mesolens microscope can be found at www.mesolens.com. A gallery of images obtained using the Mesolens microscope at the University of Strathclyde is available onhttp://www.strathclydemesolab.com.

For more information on OEM and customised microscope solutions please visit http://www.prior-scientific.co.uk//Products/oem-components-and-solutions/oem-manufacturing.aspx?fid=-1 or contact Prior Scientific on uksales@prior.com / +44-1223-881711 for further information.

Prior Scientific has been manufacturing top quality, high performance equipment and instruments for optical microscopy since 1919. Prior Scientific produces a wide range of motorised stages, system controllers, robotic sample loaders and illumination devices. To find out more about this range of products please visit www.prior.com 


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