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Prior: Microscope Stage for Productive Microplate Imaging

hits:661     Date:11/01/16
Prior Scientific announces the H139, a new motorised microscope stage designed to enable life scientists to precisely position, move and image up to two microplates or nine microscope slides.

Offering precise movement (repeatability 0.7 µm) in the X and Y axis (280 x 80 mm), the H139 is the perfect tool for labs tasked with precise microscopic examination of larger numbers of microplates or microscope slides, and gives users a uniquely powerful combination of precision, speed and convenience.  

Designed for use with leading models of inverted microscopes, the H139 allows users to conduct two live cell imaging experiments in mircoplates at the same time, allowing more efficient use of imaging centre resources. Incorporating Prior鈥檚 patented Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST) as standard, the H139 can be optionally equipped with 50 nm encoders for demanding applications requiring the finest precision and accuracy.
Prior: Microscope Stage for Productive Microplate Imaging
The H139 microscope stage may be controlled using Prior's compact and flexible ProScan® III control system. Using the ProScan III, the H139 can be automatically moved to an exact position, quickly move across and between samples, and automate imaging routines, as well as reducing strain from repeated manual operations.

In addition to the H139 stage, the ProScan III is capable of controlling a focus motor, filter wheels and shutters, as well as accessories such as cameras. The ProScan III control system is compatible with most microscopy imaging software, thereby enabling a complete imaging system to be controlled entirely from just one point.

For more information on the H139 motorised microscope stage please visit www.prior-scientific.co.uk/Products/Motorized-Stages/h139-multi-well-plate-motorised-stage.aspx or contact Prior Scientific on uksales@prior.com / +44-1223-881711 for further information.

Prior Scientific has been manufacturing top quality, high performance equipment and instruments for optical microscopy since 1919. Prior Scientific produces a wide range of motorised stages, system controllers, robotic sample loaders and illumination devices. To find out more about this range of products please visit www.prior.com


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