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PerkinElmer Introduces Wizard2 Automatic Gamma Counter With Advanced...

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PerkinElmer Introduces Wizard2 Automatic Gamma Counter With Advanced Ease-Of-Use Features

PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, a global leader in life science research, drug discovery and cellular science, today announced the launch of the new WIZARD2™ Automated Gamma Counter. This next-generation gamma counter features a user-friendly interface system with a package of technology advancements for academic, nuclear medicine and pharmaceutical researchers who conduct radiometric immuno assays (RIA), chromium release studies and positron emission tomography (PET) research. The WIZARD® Gamma Counter, a widely known, market leading gamma counter used for radiometric detection in clinical and academic research labs around the world, has been re-engineered to feature Windows® XP software, touch-screen operation, easy networking capability and USB ports for simple data transfer.

"In response to evolving customer needs, we have re-engineered the gamma workhorse, which has always been an integral part of the laboratory environment," said Dr. Richard Eglen, President, Molecular Medicine, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. "We're starting 2008 with a new enhanced product that addresses the demand for a robust and efficient system, yet still offers superior counting performance with all types of samples."

The technological advances in the new models improve its user-interface and laboratory integration with key features such as:

A touch screen now directs work flow, replacing a manual keyboard system
An enhanced user interface delivers easier and more efficient operation for today's multi-user environment
Enhanced security options support 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility Built-in PC with LAN and USB connections facilitate data transfer While there are many new features and benefits, the WIZARD2 counter retains the core design components which have made this instrument an industry leader:

A well-hole detector that enables accurate measurements of the widest range of samples
Lead shielding around the conveyor delivers reliably low background and improved detection

A sophisticated robotic sample handling system to meet the challenges of the most advanced applications

The WIZARD2 Automatic Gamma Counter is available in two models:

The 2470 model, designed for basic research and routine counting applications such as RIA and chromium release studies, comes with 1, 2, 5 or 10 detectors (each with 550-sample capacity), and 5 and 10 detectors (each with 1,000-sample capacity)

The 2480 model, which offers multilabel counting efficiencies for more sophisticated research applications such as PET (with 1,000- and 270-sample capacity)

Leveraging its market leader position and demonstrating its commitment to the radiometric detection sector, PerkinElmer has also launched a new family of Tri-Carb® liquid scintillation analyzers (LSAs). These essential laboratory instruments, used for many applications that require use of radioisotope tracers, support industries from homeland security to nuclear power, and biofuels to pharmaceuticals. A major step forward in automated sample tracking, the new family of Tri-Carb LSAs features a barcode reader system, an industry first in liquid scintillation analyzers.

For more information about the WIZARD2 new product launch, visit www.perkinelmer.com.

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