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Prior:Affordable Adjustable Electrophysiology Mounts

hits:887     Date:04/22/16

Prior Scientific announce the new HZP series of adjustable rigid post mounts which provide an affordable, simple, flexible and stable solution for your electrophysiology applications.

Designed for use with upright and inverted microscopes and available in four different heights, the Prior HZP series is designed to work with Sensapex zero drift solid state and other popular micromanipulators. The HZP series offers 60 degree sliding dovetail for smooth stable positioning and requires no tools for height and rotational adjustment. Compatible with 1/4-20 and 6mm optical breadboards, the HZP adjustable rigid post mounts are available with a micromanipulator platform, a platform for Prior standard sample holders or a 110mm diameter circular sample holder for recording chambers and standard microscope manual stage inserts. The new pillar mounts have vertical travel ranges from 70 mm to 220 mm and are manually adjustable.

Prior:Affordable Adjustable Electrophysiology Mounts

By combining HZP series holders and stands, an extensive range of set ups can be created, optimised for your exact electrophysiology requirements. Furthermore, the compact HZP mount footprint saves valuable space within your lab or the confines of a Faraday Cage.

For further information on the HZP series of adjustable rigid post mounts please visit www.prior-scientific.co.uk/Products/zdeck-quick-adjust-platforms/adjustable-rigid-post-mount.aspx .  For further information on Prior Scientific complete range of equipment and imaging accessories for neuroscience and electrophysiology please download the brochure from www.prior-scientific.co.uk//files/Neuroscience%20Brochure%20a5.pdf  or contact Prior Scientific on uksales@prior.com  / +44-1223-881711.

Prior Scientific has been manufacturing top quality, high performance equipment and instruments for optical microscopy since 1919. Prior Scientific produces a wide range of motorised stages, system controllers, robotic sample loaders and illumination devices. To find out more about this range of products please visit www.prior.com


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Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd
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