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BINDER: Individual Solutions for Climate Chambers

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Complex material load tests are carried out in climate chambers to determine the service life and resistance of materials. For highly specific demands, BINDER INDIVIDUAL offers individual unit customization to suit customer-specific requirements.
Tuttlingen, Germany 鈥 Climate chambers are used in many areas of industry and science to carry out demanding material load tests. Customer specifications and standards place high demands on the simulation chambers, especially in cases of complex environmental simulations. BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist in climate chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, offers mass production of an incredibly wide variety of products and equipment options. Nevertheless, some highly specific customer requirements still cannot be met by a unit manufactured in series production. For these special demands, BINDER INDIVIDUAL offers a highly specialized individual solution with custom modification and enhancement of series production units according to customer-specific requirements.

BINDER: Individual Solutions for Climate Chambers

Material load testing determines the resistance of materials to weather factors, temperature, and temperature shifts. Cyclical climate change tests and accelerated short-term tests with a time-lapse effect provide an indication of the service life of the test samples. During special environmental simulation tests with sensitive materials, however, it is often necessary to carry out work on test specimens with the door closed. To cater to these specific demands, BINDER offers two stainless-steel hand access ports with glove attachment, and the accompanying removable, neoprene dry-box gloves as individual equipment in the MK, MKF, MKT, and MKFT series of the dynamic climate chambers.
The hand access ports enable work to be carried out on test specimens when the door is closed, while a glass door ensures that the samples are in full view. Two silicone sealing plugs and a cover over the hand access port area ensure that the climate in the chamber remains unaffected. Thanks to removable gloves and sealable openings, the full climate range of the unit can also be utilized.
About BINDER GmbH:
BINDER is the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories. With its technical solutions, the company contributes significantly to improving the health and safety of people. Our range of products is well suited for routine applications, highly specialized work in research and development, production, and quality assurance. With approx. 400 employees worldwide and an export rate of 80%, BINDER 2013 sales were more than 60 million euros.
Dorothea Fichter-Fechner
Im Mittleren Ösch 5
78532 Tuttlingen
Tel.: +49(0)7462-2005-632
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