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BINDER CO2 incubators 鈥 maximum safety for cell and tissue cultures

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The cell 鈥 the smallest unit of life and the building block of all life. It is both fascinating and challenging for scientists. The human body alone consists of about 100 billion cells. Each of them has the same genetic information, but by differentiation they are specialized for specific functions and, collectively, are responsible for repairing and reproducing the organism.
Countless scientific working groups are attempting to tease out the secrets of the cell. High-grade specialists in the areas of medical research, basic research, pharmaceutical research or bioproduction are working with eukaryotic cell cultures. Whether it be analyzing the complicated procedures of cancer illnesses, metabolic disorders, genetic defects or immunity weaknesses, or finding appropriate active substances for treating these disorders. A CO2 incubator is always used, and must guarantee reproducible conditions for growth of the extremely sensitive cells and tissues. At the same time, CO2 incubators are an important component in the bioproduction of vaccines, proteins or other biomolecules. For regenerative medicine, transplants such as cartilage cells or skin tissue are multiplied in incubators. In reproductive medicine, the first cell divisions of the human embryo take place in a CO2 integrator following artificial fertilization.
BINDER CO2 incubators 鈥 optimum cell growth and the greatest convenience for users
CO2 incubators in the C / CB series from BINDER are mature products that are tailor-made for the current requirements of science. Years of research and development work in this area have led to extra high-class instruments. Maximum precision in temperature control combined with the VENTAIR air jacket system ensure that one of the fundamental requirements for cell growth is met, namely a constant and optimum temperature. At the same time, the drift-free CO2 sensor with infrared measurement technology ensures the right CO2 atmosphere is achieved, thus providing a stable pH value in the culture medium. The third key parameter for optimum cell growth is the isotonic medium. Air with almost fully saturated relative humidity counteracts evaporation of the medium and the resulting increase in tonicity. The patented Permadry double shell is responsible for moistening the atmosphere at the same time as limiting the humidity to about 95 % relative by forced condensing on the cold spot of the inner shell. This means the inner walls of the incubator stay dry and give molds no chance to grow within the housing. The seamlessly deep-drawn inner chamber, the fanless design as well as dispensing with any built-in parts and the resulting reduction of potential contamination surfaces all contribute significantly to safeguarding the CO2 incubators from BINDER against contamination. Safe and complete elimination of all spores and germs is achieved regularly by 180 掳C hot-air sterilization of the entire interior. Even the innovative, heat-resistant CO2 sensor remains in the instrument during this process, and is simply sterilized as well.
BINDER CO2 incubators stand out, not just because of their unique features, but also with an ingenious overall concept for the best growth conditions, maximum safety against contamination and the greatest possible user-friendliness.
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