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Olympus introduces the new 5-megapixel DP25 digital colour camera for...

hits:3148     Date:03/09/07

The new Olympus DP25 camera is an easy-to-use digital system, offering outstanding colour reproduction and high-resolution 5-megapixel imaging. The DP25 camera is ideal for a wide range of microscopy image acquisition applications, focusing on image documentation, reporting and analysis. The combination of its impressive high resolution, fast frame rates and excellent colour fidelity, make the DP25 an excellent choice for a variety of life science and industrial microscopy applications.

The new high-performance Olympus DP25 5-megapixel digital colour camera system offers advanced technology that allows users to achieve real-time colour reproduction. This guarantees excellent image quality with natural colours as seen through the microscope eyepieces. The DP25 offers several resolutions using various modes. Superior live images at full-resolution (2560 x 1920 pixels) can be produced at an impressively fast 8 frames per second (fps), which is ideal for when high-resolution detail is required. Other options include a live-video mode (640 x 480 pixels) at 32 fps, a progressive mode with a resolution of 1280 x 1920 pixels and binning options that are designed for searching and focusing applications. This dynamic range of the DP25 provides images of outstanding quality and offers high-performance and flexibility for a variety of scientific applications.

The DP25 is fully compatible with the market-leading Olympus cell* and analySIS imaging and analysis products. Each software family presents a range of solutions especially designed to further enhance image quality during live viewing and provide flexible and easy-to-use functionality for better image acquisition, processing, analysis, evaluation and report generation. This is ideal for even the most demanding applications that require frequent report generation, such as pathological examination as well as inspections of electronic parts and industrial materials.

The standard C-mount makes installation easy for all microscopes, and FireWire™ technology allows the DP25 to be easily used in a laboratory by connecting to any state-of-the-art PC or laptop equipped with a FireWire port.

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