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Esco: CelCulture with 2 New Sizes and Copper Chamber Option

hits:1813     Date:08/09/12

Esco offers more choices under the CelCulture CO2 Incubator product line. Now with 3 sizes available and copper chamber options, together with the standard models and Suppressed O2 models, you can get the most appropriate CO2 incubator you need for you laboratory.

Aside from the 170-liter model originally offered, Esco has added 2 more sizes to suit different laboratory capacities: 50 liters and 240 liters. These sizes are available for the standard unit, suppressed O2 unit, as well as the copper chamber unit.

CelCulture CO2 Incubators with 100% copper interior chamber offers additional protection to your precious samples, as copper has been know to have anti-microbial properties. Standard shelves included are made of copper as well. Additional copper shelves are also available.

For more infomation on these new CO2 models please contact your CSIS.


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