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Esco Medical Unveils the New Miri Multi-Room Incubator at ESHRE 2012

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Esco Medical Unveils the New Miri Multi-Room Incubator at ESHRE 2012

Launched at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) congress held recently on 1-4 July 2012 in Istanbul, the Esco Miri® surprised the ART/IVF community as being one of the best embryo CO2 incubators anyone can find, anywhere in the world.  The Miri is the newest addition to Esco鈥檚 lineup of IVF technology solutions, the Esco Medical division.

The Esco Medical division is one of the three main divisions of Esco. Joining Esco's product selection for laboratory equipment and pharma equipment, Esco Medical focuses on medical devices and other related technologies that deal with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), mainly IVF.

The multi-room incubator was developed at Esco Medical鈥檚 R&D and manufacturing facility in the European Union. Here, Thomas Pedersen, EVP of Innovation at Esco Medical, has been instrumental in the machine鈥檚 design and development.

The Esco Miri features 6 chambers and each can contain 4-8 standard culture dishes.  As an incubator designed specifically for IVF practice, much attention was giaven to the temperature and gas management systems. Briefly, it boasts advanced temperature control by providing direct heat, having a heated lid, and employing high-performance temperature sensors. The gas control, on the other hand, is likewise exceptional.  With the Miri, there is no need for pre-mixed gas. The Miri has a gas mixer so one can conveniently use pure gas (CO2 and N2) inputs to control CO2 levels and even obtain suppressed O2 levels. Moreover, the air quality in the chambers is continuously cleaned and sterilized via HEPA/VOC filters and optional UV.

The Miri is a certified EU Class IIa Medical Device and it is also the only incubator that has been certified to the 3rd edition of the IEC/EN 60601 standard. The transition period for compliance with the 3rd edition from the second edition ended on 1 June 2012.

It is thus no wonder that the remarkable characteristics of the Miri make it an entirely exceptional incubator for in vitro fertilization applications. With Esco Medical and the Miri, life has just begun. 

For more information on this new product and other IVF equipment, contact Esco.


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