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Pre-Qualification & Registration Of Firms In PURI

hits:3559     Date:09/01/06

(Central Store Department)
(Notice No. 32/2006)

Pre-Qualification & Registration Of Firms In Pakistan University & Research Institute
We have been facing a great difficulty in procurement of material for our different research projects and educational faculties through local distributors, suppliers and firms. Impure/ fake quality of chemicals, kits, enzymes & consumables and even sensitive equipments with stamps and labels of Sigma, Fermentas, Merck, BDH, Riedel-deHaën, ICN, Acros, Eppendorf, Memert, Techne and Thermo are supplied by local distributors/Firms. As a result we have born a great loss of money and our work on important major research projects has suffered a lot, so in a meeting with Vice Chancellor P.U.R.I., the University administration has decided to register foreign firms only (Sorry for local firms/distributors) for purchase of all usable products in P.U.R.I. and held exhibitions twice a year (After every six months) at P.U.R.I. In this respect approval of ministry of Science & Technology and ministry of education has already been obtained. Therefore applications are invited for Pre-Qualification and Registration of foreign firms/suppliers/distributors for exporting and participation in exhibitions against the following categories:
A. Chemicals, Biochemical and Solvents etc.
B. Enzymes, Kits and Culture Media etc.
C. Clinical Products and Antibodies.
D. Glassware & Glass products.
E. Plastic Wares and Consumables.
F. All Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Lifescience Research Products.
G. All Molecular Biology Items, Antibiotics, Ingredients, Vitamins and Natural Products.
H. Equipments and Machinery.
I. Stationery and safety equipments.
J. Electrical and Electronics Products.
K. Sanitary Fittings and ceramic Products.
L. Computers & Accessories.
M. Furniture, Printing, Publishing & Books.
N. Repair & Maintenance of equipments.
O. General and Miscellaneous items

(All other items except A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L above).
All PURI purchases will be made only from the Registered & Pre-Qualified foreign firms and only Registered and Pre-Qualified foreign firms will be eligible to participate in the exhibitions (The map of stands/booths and all scheduled plan will be provided to the Registered and Pr-Qualified firms shortly and the stand reservation will on first come and first reserve basis).

1. All university purchases will be made only from Registered & Pre-Qualified foreign firm.
2. Only Registered & Pre-Qualified foreign firm will be eligible to participate in the P.U.R.I. exhibitions.
3. The Registration & Pre-Qualification at P.U.R.I. is for lifetime.
4. Sponsored visa for two persons will be provided to the Registered & Pre-Qualified foreign firms by the P.U.R.I. administration committee before the held of exhibitions.
5. Residence and hospitality will be provided by the PURI in the ladies and giants hostels    during the exhibitions.
6. Transportation from airport to P.U.R.I hostels will be the responsibility of P.U.R.I.
7. Coffee breaks, lunches, cocktail dinner and essential tour is also the responsibility of PURI during the exhibitions.

i. Copy of National Tax Registration Certificate.
ii. Bank statement of the firm from 1st July 2005 to 30th June 2006.
iii. Proof of Registration with other organizations.
iv. Strength of the staff employed.
v. Complete items list/Catalogues/Brochures of the manufacturing and supplies of the firm.
vi. PURI employees and their relatives (Blood Relations) are not eligible for registration & pre-qualification.
vii. Local firms/authorized distributors and suppliers are not eligible for registration & pre-qualification.
viii. The firm should submit non-refundable draft for US$1025.00 (US$1000.00 as registration fee and US$25.00 for banking charges) payable from any Pakistani scheduled bank in favor of "P.U.R.I., Faisalabad, Pakistan" as registration & pre-qualification fee for each category separately along with application for registration & pre-qualification and all other necessary documents addressed to the undersigned by mail up to 15th September 2006.
Filled application forms (Downloadable from our web) for registration & pre-qualification along with necessary documents can be sent through fax and registration & pre-qualification fee for each category can also be made by bank transfer up to 15th September 2006, payable in net US$ to:
Title: Bank Alfalah Ltd. Karachi, SWIFT: AEIBUS33
The foreign firms already registered with P.U.R.I. must also submit fresh filled application form, but are exempt from requirement No. viii. The filled application forms complete in all respect should reach to the undersigned up to 15th September 2006. Incomplete applications will not be entertained.

Note: a- This e-mail is being sent only to those firms in which the Scientists of PURI have shown their interest for purchase their products. For further information, please visit our web.
b- The last date for submitting the filled application forms complete in all respects was 30th August, 2006, but due to the poor response it is extended up to 15th September 2006.

Muhammad Arshad
(Stores Officer)
Pakistan University & Research Institute,
P761, Main Shadab Road,
Jhang Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan.38000.
 Phone: +92-41-5503102, Fax: +92-41-2540510
store@puri-edu.com, Web: www.puri-edu.com


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