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KoreaLab 2010 Opening in KINTEX,SEOUL

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The opening ceremony of the 2010 KoreaLab in Seoul was launched at the KINTEX on June 1st, 2010. Korea Lab 2010 was hosted by Kyungyon Exhibition and Science 21 Co.,Ltd, accompanied with COPHEX 2010銆並orea Pack2010銆並oreaChem 2010 exhibition. This exhibition hosts 300 participating companies and international groups from 30 countries. As an cooperative media of KoreaLab, Bio-Equip.com was invited to the exhibition and interviewed several exhibitors and visitors from China.

Opening Ceremony

Jinan Biobase Biotech


IKA Works Guangzhou

Shanghai Bluepard

As viewed on the first day of exhibition, the exhibition hall 3銆4銆5 were full of visitors from research institute, universities and related associations. Exhibitors and visitors from China considered the KoreaLab as a grand event to showcase the best achievements of advanced equipments in the area of chemical industry and life science research. This 4-day-exhibition will offer a platform for all countries and regions to fully exhibit their achievements, share best practices and spread advanced ideas on laboratory-use-equipments.
Mr. Kim , the Senior Manager from Kyungyon Exhibition, points out that there is a bright future for cooperative development between China and Korea in the area of laboratory-use-equipments, more and more China and Korea companies are seeking the possibilities of cooperation with each other. KoreaLab exhibition can develop with a great pace under this background, and will continue serving as professional platform in this area.
As a professional exhibition concentrate on chemical industry and life science research, KoreaLab has become as a public focus in this area since 2006. With the advantage of collaborate with other related exhihition, KoreaLab 2010 setting out with a creative gesture, which will attract more vistors and offer more cooperative opportunities.

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