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16th World Medical Nanotechnology Congress

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16th World Medical Nanotechnology Congress

August 20-22, 2018 |Tokyo, Japan
Theme: Future Challenges and Advanced Innovations in Nanotechnology
About conference
Organization 鈥 Conferenceseries LLC
Short name 鈥 Medical Nanotechnology 2018
SHORT DESCRIPTION 鈥 Global Experts Meeting on 鈥16th World Medical Nanotechnology Congress is to be held in Tokyo, Japan during August 20-22 of 2018 Organized by Conference series LLC. It will bring together world-class professors, scientists, academic scholars, and doctors to discuss the current developments, renewable materials and New Medical technologies on in the field of Nanotechnology from all around the world.
Keywords 鈥 Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology based Imaging Technologies, Emerging technologies in Nano field, Detection of Lung, Brain and Breast cancer, Lab-on-a-Chip / Point of Care Diagnostics, Implantable Nanosensors, Invasive Therapy Technologies, Nanotechnology in Dentistry, Advanced Nano-Bio-Sensor Technologies, Nano Arrays for Advanced Diagnostics, Cellular based Therapy, Nanotechnology future applications, Nano-Bio Interfaces.
Following are the tracks in the conference:
♦ Nanomedicine
♦ DNA Nanotechnology
♦ Medical Nanotechnology Devices
♦ Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
♦ Cancer Nanotechnology
♦ Polymer Nanotechnology
♦ Nanotoxicity
♦ Bio-Nanomaterials and Tissues Engineering
♦ Environmental Safety
♦ Recent developments in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience
♦ Nano Biotechnology
♦ Nanomedicine and Nanopharmaceuticals
♦ Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
♦ Regulatory Aspects towards Approval of Nanomedicine
♦ Nanotechnology in Water Treatment
♦ Advanced Nanomaterials
♦ Nanotechnology Safety
♦ Nano Computational Modeling
♦ Carbon Nanotechnology
♦ Nano Electronics
♦ Nanomedicine Applications
♦ Nano Particles
♦ Nanophotonics and plasmonics
♦ Nanomagnetism
♦ Nanotechnology Products and Markets
♦ Nanoelectronics and Biomedical Devices
♦ Green Nanotechnology
♦ Nanoelectromechanical systems
♦ Nanostructured Materials and Thin Films
♦ Nanotechnology for Harnessing Energy and Storage
♦ Graphene and 2D Materials- New Materials for the 21st Century
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Name - Jasmin Keith
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