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2nd Annual Biosimilars Clinical Studies and Analytical Similarity Summit

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2nd Annual Biosimilars Clinical Studies and Analytical Similarity Summit

2nd Annual Biosimilars Clinical Studies and Analytical Similarity Summit
Philadelphia, PA
February 20-22, 2017

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Biosimilars Summit

With patents for dozens of biologic drugs expected to expire within the next five years, the value of bringing biosimilar alternatives to the market has never been clearer for drug manufacturers. In the United States, the FDA has created an abbreviated licensure pathway for biosimilars, but many pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms struggle in understanding how-to:

 • Provide the pre-clinical and clinical data needed to demonstrate similarity
 • The speed and complexity of advancing a biosimilar drug development project
 • Design comprehensive clinical trials needed to prove safety and efficacy in humans

It鈥檚 because of this that we鈥檙e bringing you the 2nd Annual Biosimilars Summit. This upcoming February, we鈥檒l be discussing some key insights from thought leaders into the biggest challenges in the analytical and clinical phases of biosimilar drug development, from addressing current regulatory struggles, demonstrating the quality attributes needed to prove interchangeability, and successfully entering the market.

Is your company looking to streamline the processes for?

 • Engineering quality attributes in your biosimilar to demonstrate chemical characterization. 
 • Proving product comparability at the In Vivo and In Vitro testing stages.  
 • Managing the additional bioanalytical data required by the FDA in the pre-clinical phase.

 • Designing effective clinical trial protocols that move your product from Phase I to Phase III. 
 • Optimizing your operations for managing different clinical trial sites. 
 • Demonstrating effective parameters for safety, purity, effectiveness and potency to the FDA.

The summit鈥檚 key presentations include such sessions as:

 • Managing the functional assay testing for quality attributes that regulators value 
 • Best practices for navigating the abbreviated licensure pathway for interchangeability 
 • Leveraging the FDA鈥檚 鈥淭otality of Evidence鈥 Methodology for Using Reference Products

Clinical Phases I-III 
 • Developing effective Three-Way PK-Bridging Studies for Global IND Strategy 
 • Effective Clinical Trial Monitoring to Prepare for Post-Marketing Pharmacoviligance 
 • Streamlining the Process for First-in-Human Clinical Trials of Biosimilar Products

Stephen Aponte
Phone: 212-885-2664
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