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2nd Annual Genetics in Forensics congress

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Genetics in Forensics
14 鈥15 March 2017, London

Is NGS paving the way?
NGS applications are set to be the 鈥榥ext big thing鈥 in forensic science. The emergence of NGS technologies used in new state of the art laboratories is dominating the forensic technologies and service market. NGS platforms have provided a breakthrough to researchers with many government institutions, police forces and bureaus actively seeking to implement this technology to their labs.

Oxford Global鈥檚 highly anticipated 2nd Annual Genetics in Forensics congress scheduled for the 14 鈥 15 of March 2017, London will be showcasing the latest tools and technologies and cutting edge presentations on NGS and other novel technologies.

See Agenda with speakers & presentations.

4 Interactive Streams :
 ▶  Updates in Utilising NGS in Forensic Science
 ▶ Interpretation, Database and Casework Hurdles: Overcoming Key Challenges in Forensic Genetics Research
 ▶ Analysing Forensic Applications of DNA markers
 ▶ Forensic Anthropology Case Studies

Join our internationally renowned speakers for their pioneering work in the field:

Jack Ballantyne, Professor, University of Central Florida NGS to discuss cell type identification by mRNA profiling, single cell analysis and mixture de-convolution

Angela Gallop CBE Professor and Strategic Director of Strathclyde University Centre of Forensic Science, who has worked on the UK's most complex cases including Damilola Taylor, Rachel Nickell and Stephen Lawrence will be discussing the latest advancements and challenges of applying the new forms of forensic genetic testing to historic cases

Peter Gill, Professor, Norwegian Institute of Public Health internationally recognised for his work in analysing the disputed DNA evidence in the Amanda Knox case will be discussing the major challenges associated with the evaluation of evidence

Free Webinar: Advances in Genetics in Forensics

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Speaker 1: Dieter Deforce, Professor, University of Ghent
 ▶ Advances In Next Generation Sequencing For Forensic Purposes
Speaker 2: Eugenia Cuhna, Professor, University of Coimbra.
 ▶ The New Challenges of Identification: Terrorist Attacks & The Role of Forensic Anthropology

Sponsors Include

2nd Annual Genetics in Forensics congress 2017

Speakers Include

2nd Annual Genetics in Forensics congress 2017

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