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Integrated DNA Technologies Ships qPCR Master Mix at Ambient Temperature

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Innovative product development exemplifies commitment to sustainability鈥攔educes waste and saves costs
SKOKIE, IL (November 02, 2016) 鈥 Integrated DNA Technologies (鈥淚DT鈥), has developed a unique master mix for probe-based qPCR assays that is stable for ambient shipping. The company鈥檚 PrimeTime® Gene Expression Master Mix is the only widely distributed commercial master mix shipped in solution at ambient temperature. Under these conditions, the master mix, which is compatible with a wide range of real-time PCR instruments, continues to deliver consistent, high quality results.

Integrated DNA Technologies ships qPCR master mix at ambient temperature

This effort underscores IDT鈥檚 commitment to innovation in green packaging and sustainable business practices. Chief Sustainability Officer, Elizabeth Walder, explains, 鈥淲e continuously challenge ourselves to improve our development and manufacturing processes to better serve our customers and to be responsible global citizens. Shipping PrimeTime Gene Expression Master Mix at ambient temperature reduces waste by eliminating the need for insulated containers with gel packs and dry ice, and also reduces the shipping weight of each package. This results in significant cost savings for our customers with no compromise in product performance.鈥
IDT expects savings of approximately 33 tons (US) in total package weight, 28.5 tons in dry ice, and 4700 square feet of landfill waste, during the course of a typical year. This in turn reduces the demand on transportation resources, including specialized transport for dry ice and fuel consumption, and importantly, also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
According to IDT CEO, Dr Joseph A Walder, 鈥淲hen we ship PrimeTime Gene Expression Master Mix at ambient temperature, we observe the same product stability and performance as when shipped on dry ice. The ability to ship at ambient temperature distinguishes us in the genomics and molecular biology reagents marketplace and benefits our customers and our planet. We remain committed to improving our sustainability performance across all areas of the company.鈥
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About IDT
Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT), the global leader in nucleic acid synthesis, serving all areas of life sciences research and development, offers products for a broad range of genomic applications. IDT鈥檚 primary business is the production of custom, synthetic nucleic acids for molecular biology applications, including qPCR, sequencing, synthetic biology, and functional genomics. The company manufactures and ships an average of 55,000 custom nucleic acids per day to more than 85,000 customers worldwide. For more information, visit www.idtdna.com.
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