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ChromaTrap: Validated Antibodies for Mammalian Epigenetic Research

hits:793     Date:09/23/16
Chromatrap® announces that seven further popular antibodies have been validated for use in chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays by their UK-based research team.

The new crop of antibodies represents some of the most frequently-cited antibodies in mammalian epigenetic research including H3K4me1, H4K5ac, H4K12ac, H2Az, H3, H4, H3K9me1 and H3K9me2.

In addition the new ChIP validated antibodies are now available from Chromatrap® with matching primers. Purchasing Chromatrap® ChIP-validated antibodies with their matching high-quality primers, saves you time and gives you the confidence of using primers tested with the exact antibody and gene target with which you work. 
ChromaTrap: Validated Antibodies for Mammalian Epigenetic Research

All of these new products are available from the Chromatrap® UK facility by 1- or 2- day cold chain delivery. For further information please visit 
www.chromatrap.com or request a data sheet / pricing fromsupport@chromatrap.com / +44-1978-666222. 

Chromatrap® is a business unit of Porvair Sciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc.

Launched worldwide in 2012 - Chromatrap® solid-state ChIP technology has been shown by a growing number of research groups worldwide to be more efficient than conventional bead-based methods. This is because the solid phase porous polymer, functionalized with either protein A or G, provides a greater surface area for chromatin antibody binding with very low non-specific binding. In addition, it uses a spin column approach, offering significant speed, process and carry-over advantages over sepharose or magnetic beads. DNA pull down with Chromatrap® is up to 25 times more than conventional methods, whilst the signal to noise ratio for DNA enrichment is 2 to 3 times better, even with low chromatin samples between 50ng to 3000ng per immunoprecipitation.


Worldwide HQ 

A business unit of Porvair Sciences Ltd.
Clywedog Rd South
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wales LL13 9XS

Tel:     +44 1978 666222   
Email: sales@chromatrap.com
Web    www.chromatrap.com
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