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Chengdu Golden Bridge Technology Co.,Ltd   Hits:4436  Update:1/22/2017
General Information
Type of companyManufacturer
AddressNo 40, shuangqing middle road ,qingyang,district, chengdu,china
Mobile phone13880641709
Person to contactLinda
Website http://en.xpcryogenics.com
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Company Profile
XP Cryogenics offers a wide range of the Liquid Nitrogen Containers, which have the advantage of the light weight, low cost package, and multi-layer thermal isolation design, have more than 5 year vacuum guarantee!
The main use of the XP Cryogenic liquid nitrogen containers can preserve the animal semen, biological specimen, subzero treatment of the metal material and so on.
Liquid nitrogen biological container was manufactured according to the theory of vacuum interlayer insulation founded by a British scientist named Dewar in 1898,which solved the problem of mass evaporation of liquid nitrogen stored because of heat convection, conduction and radiation. With the progress of the society and the development of the technology, the technology of high vacuum multilayer insulation, new materials and other new technologies are applied ,which makes liquid nitrogen biological container have excellent performance of thermal insulation and can minimize the loss of liquid nitrogen(-196℃) stored. Therefore, liquid nitrogen biological container is widely used with liquid nitrogen as its refrigerant in the fields of animal husbandry, medical treatment, scientific research and machine processing for storing semen, vaccine and other biological sample, cold processing of metal materials and cold assembling of precise apparatus.
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