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H2O3-PRO dry bath ,programmble, 0-100鈩
H2O3-PRO dry bath ,programmble, 0-100鈩
Origin of place China
Supplier coyote bioscience company
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Update 6/27/2016
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isdesigned for researchers in a busy schedule.This unit let you set the temperature between 0-100鈩,and the time can be programmed up to 24 hours.After a programmed run completes,the temperature

automatically gose to and maintains at 4鈩.


Programmed control,and automatically stops your reactions by going down to 4鈩

Modular design of blocks,mix and match tubes from 0.2ml to 50 ml and accommodates 96 well plates,flat bottom

plates and slides

Small footprint, can work in a hood,or lad automation systems

12V DC,7A input,energy efficient,a car charger & rechargearable battery pack can be specially ordered

Fast chilling/heating rate,precise temperature control

Clean and maintenace free


Temperature Range:0-100鈩

Display precision:0.1鈩

Temperature precision:±0.2鈩


Average Heating Rate from 25鈩 to 95鈩:9鈩/min

Average Chilling Rate from 25鈩 to 4鈩:3鈩/min

Operation ambient temperature:8-30鈩

Power Supply:12V DC,7A

Time Range:1min-23hrs 59mins

Dimensions:185×185×90 mm

Working area dimensions:108×72 mm

Net weight:1.2kg

*Room temperature at 25鈩,with 4*0.2 ml blocks

At Coyote Bio, we make innovative personal devices in Life Science and Molecular Diagnostics. Coyote鈥檚 devices have portable features for field applications with 12V DC power or batteries. We minimize all the redundant features and make the key functions more powerful and user-friendly. Coyote鈥檚 devices are easily to handle and set, which could save the labor cost significantly.

Every Coyote鈥檚 product has its own uniqueness, and you can hardly find a similar one in the market. With amazing prices, these uniqueness will open extra potential markets and change customer鈥檚 daily work and life.

Theater Slim PCR Cycler is the thinnest PCR cycler and is the only portable PCR cycler in the market, which makes the transition of PCR cycler from Desktop to Laptop. The operation of the Slim PCR Cycler is extremely simple and beats any other cyclers. This cutting-edge product will open new markets in education and molecular diagnostics.

H2O3 series cooling/heating dry baths are the smallest, cheapest and most energy efficient cooling dry baths in the market. H2O3 Dry Bath is the only cooling dry bath that is compatible with 12V DC and batteries. It works like a laptop, and is a perfect device mate for reagents. H2O3 dry bath is designed to save customers鈥 time and bring joy to their daily life. Pad3 mini baths provide you an alternative choice when you require lower price but excellect quality.

G10/G20 Motor Driven Grinder is the most powerful motor driven grinder on market, and can work cordlessly for up to 10 hrs. G10/G20 Grinder is a better solution for DNA extraction experiments with a commercial DNA Extraction & Purification Kit. G50 is an upgraded model, which is more powerful and its speed is adjustable.

All of Coyote鈥檚 products are CE certified. H2O3 Dry Baths and Theater SLIM PCR cycler carry a one-year warranty. G10/G20, G50 Grinder carries a 6-months warranty.

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