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External  9.0MP USB Digital Camera Tissue Culture Biological Inversed Fluorescent Microscope
External 9.0MP USB Digital Camera Tissue Culture Biological Inversed Fluorescent Microscope
Origin of place China
Model IB403F+9.0MP digital camera
Supplier Good Brother OPTICS Microscope Company
Price davidltt@hotmail.com,Skype:davidxlt
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Update 2/21/2017
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Professinal Inverted Digtital Fluorescence Microscope:IB403Y+9.0Megapixel:
The External Digital camera inverted fluorescent microscope IB403Y with 9.0MP is made up of the biological microscope IB403Y and professional high resolution 9.0MP digital camera with USB2.0 connection, The included 9 mega pixel camera comes with basic measuring software that allows image capture and this kind of external digital microscope is more flexible compared to the build-in or integrating digital camera microscope. The external digital microscope lends greater flexibility - you can use different cameras on the same microscope and vice versa. And the digital camera could be added on other regular microscope too. And it is more convenient.
Combined fluorescent attachment with the lab biological microscope IB403B,it bocomes a inverted biological fluorescent microscope. it is suitable for Fluorescent Microscopy and widely used In Venereal Disease Examination, Immunology Diagnosis, Oncology, biology, medicine,genetics and so on, Hight Quality System and Fluorescent Attachment system make you Observe the Satisfactory Fluorescent Effect. It is also well suited for research, universities, routine laboratory, and medical demands.
1. Excellent fluorescent image with high resolution long distance plan objectives.
2. Long distance phase contrast objectives
3. Widely used in venereal disease examination and immuneless diagnosis.
4. Innovative Stand structure, Sharp Image Display, Convenient and Special for Viewing Incubating Cell Tissue
5. A digital camera can be added to the trinocular head to take photos and videos.
6. Suitable to observer the specimen in culture falsh and petri dissh.
7. The transparent alive objects can be observed without dyeing.

   Standard Specification 403Y
Viewing Head Siedentopf Trinocular head inclined at 45°, Interpupillary Distance 50-75mm,
Siedentopf Binocular head inclined at 45°, Interpupillary Distance 50-75mm, O
Eyepiece Wide Field EWF10X/22eyepiece
Nosepiece Backward Quadruple Nosepiece
Objectives Long Working Distance Plan Achromatic Objectives 4X, 40X(S)
Long Working Distance Phase Contrast Plan Achromatic Objectives 10X, 20X
LWD Plan Achromatic 10X, 20X, Phase Contrast Plan Objectives 40X O
Stage Double Layers Mechanical Stage:242X170, Moving range:75X40mm
Central Glass Stage: Dia110mm
Terasaki holder
Ø35mm petri dish holder
Ø54 Slide glass holder
Condenser Abbe Condenser N.A.= 0.3, Long Work Distance up to 75mm
Focusing System Coaxial Coarse&Fine Adjustment, Fine Division 0.002mm
Phase Annulus Center Of Phase Contrast Ring Plate Adjustable
Center Telescope Centering Telescope
Illumination AC220V/110V, 12V/30 halogen Lamp, Brightness Adjustable.
Fluorescent Attacchment Blue, Green Excitation.
U.V. Excitation. O
Light Source: 100W Ultra Hi-Voltage Spherical Mercury Lamp
Protection Barrier to Resist the Ultraviolet Light 
Power Supplier 220V/110V Digital Dispaly O
Optional Accessories CCD Adapter
High Resolution CMOS Digital Camera: 3.0MP, 9.0MP with software O

Note: "√" Standard Specification, "O" Optional Parts.
Camera System Technical Specification:
High Resolution CMOS Digital Camera 9.0MP

Max Resolution 3488X2616 (Approx 9000000 pixels)
Image Sensor  1/2.4 COMS
Pixel Size 1.67μmX1.67μm
Sensitivity  0.33V/LUX-SEC(550nm)
Dynamic Range 65.2 dB
SN Ratio 34dB
Video Format &Frame Rate  1.9fps @3488X2616,8fps@1733X1308,27fps@872X654
Exposure 0.38-2000ms, ROI Manual o&Auto
Binning 1X1,2X2,4X4
White balance ROI balance/Manual Temp Tint Adjustment
Capture/Control API Native C/C++, Direct show, Twain and labview
Record System  Still picture and movie
Operation Temperature  -10ºC~50ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC~60ºC
Operation Humidity  30~80%RH
Power Supply  DC5V by USB Port
Operation System Microsoft windows XP/VISTA/7/8(32&64 bits)
OS X(Mac OS X), Linux
PC requirement  CPU: Equal to Intel core2 2.8GHz or Higher
Memory 2GB or More
USB port: USB 2.0 High speed port
Display:17 or Larger
Welcome to visit out company website:
Good Brother Lighting(microscope) Group.,Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers and supplier of optical microscopes. Accumulating with over 10 years manufacture experience, have extensive line of microscopes for the educational, medical, research, scientific and industrial markets worldwide. They are competitively priced and some of their models are considered an alternative to the major microscopes companies...Leica, Zeiss, Olympus & Nikon, Motic and so oon

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In 2011, We established a new trading company- Ningbo Medpro Instruments CO.,LTD, as the wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Good Brother Lighting Group, it is not only all in Charge of the exporting the compound microscopes of Good Brother Microscopes, but also dedicated to supplying the medical, Lab and scientific instruments such as microtome, Electronic balance&scales, autoclave&sterilizer, microscope slide and so on at reasonable price and professional service to our clients including government, medical and industrial institutions, doctors, hospitals, laboratories, educational sectors, gemologists, hobbyists from all over the world.

We are looking forward to all the domestic and abroad clients to take a good and friendly cooperation with us and making the brilliant future together.

Our products are including as follow:
1. Biological microscope(students microscope, educational microscope, compasiron microscope, fluorescent microscope, lab microscope, multi-viewing microscope )
2.Stereoscopic microscope( step stereo microscope, zoom stereo microscope, parallel zoom microscope
3.Metallurgical microscope( Upright microscope, industrial metallurgical microscope, inverted metallurgical microscope and so on)
4.polarizing microscope
5.Digital microscope
5. Gem microscope and so on
6. All kinds of Microscope parts
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