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Newfuge 18R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
Newfuge 18R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
Origin of place China
Model Newfuge 18R
Supplier Meditry Instrument Co., Ltd.
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Update 6/24/2018
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Multi-purpose, wide applications
鈼 The unit offers a wide range of both fixed angle and swing out rotors for micro tubes, test-tubes, bottles and micro titre plates
鈼 Maximum speed 18600 rpm, maximum capacity 8 x 100ml in swing out rotor
鈼 Widely used in several kinds of research and production
Advanced control system, excellent separation
鈼 10 independent acceleration and deceleration rates
鈼 Timed ( 1-999 minutes), continuous or pulse operation
鈼 Proprietary SCT speed control technique , high efficiency
鈼 Proprietary SBT soft brake control technique, to avoid mix up and ensure maximum specimen
High-security, reliable
鈼 The housing is made of quality steel plate, stainless steel centrifuging chamber, steel protective sleeve
鈼 Automatic lid locking, lid opened only when centrifugation stopped
鈼 Alarm system for imbalance, over-heat, over-speed
鈼 Automatic rotor recognition
鈼 Optional biosafe fixed-angle rotors and swing out rotors protect from aerosol leakage and spills
User-friendly interface, easy to use
鈼 Presents a large bright display with simple intuitive push button key entry and automatic lid release at sample run completion
鈼 LCD and LED display of program number, rotor number, speed, RCF, time, temperature, accelerating rates, braking rates
鈼 Microprocessor controlled, can start centrifugation by RCF 
鈼 40 user-defined programs
High quality parts, durable
鈼 Maintenance-free induction drive motor
鈼 "SKF" extra-high speed bearing
鈼 European made CFC-free compressor
鈼 Aeronautical rubber for damping, superhard aluminum alloy made by Aluminum Corporation of China
Technical Specifications:
Newfuge 18R
Max. Speed
18600 rpm
Max. RCF
23950 xg
Max. Capacity
4 x 100ml in fixed angle rotor
8 x 100ml in swing out rotor
Temperature Range
 -20鈩 锝 +40鈩
Temperature Accuracy
卤1 鈩
1锝999 minutes
Speed Accuracy
卤20 rpm
鈮 60dB(A)
800 x 700 x 400 mm
Net Weight
110 kg
Power Supply
AC 220V卤10% 50/60Hz 18A
Rotor Type
Rotor No.
Max. Speed
Max. RCF
Dimension of tube
Fixed Angle Rotor
12 x 1.5ml
18600 rpm
23950 xg
桅10 x 42mm
18 x 0.5ml
18600 rpm
23950 xg
桅8 x 32mm
10 x 5ml
16000 rpm
17420 xg
桅14 x 54mm
24 x 1.5ml
14000 rpm
17510 xg
桅10 x 42mm
12 x10ml
13000 rpm
17370 xg
桅16 x81mm
6 x 50ml
13000 rpm
17380 xg
桅28 x 105mm
4 x 100ml
11000 rpm
13000 xg
桅38 x 124mm
Microplate Rotor
2 x 2 x 96 wells
4000 rpm
2300 xg
Microplate plate
Swing-Bucket Rotor
4 x 50ml/100ml
5500 rpm
5310 xg
桅38 x 124mm
8 x 50ml/100ml
4000 rpm
2810 xg
桅38 x 124mm
32 x 10ml/15ml
4000 rpm
2810 xg
桅16 x 85-118
We, Meditry Instrument Co., Ltd. Located in Shanghai China, is a supplier of quality scientific & laboratory instruments and is committed to supplying quality products and services to hospitals, universities, research institutes on life science/medical/agriculture/fisheries, quarantine agency, pharmaceutical companies through a dealer and distributor network worldwide. Its products include medical low temperature freezers, autoclaves, laboratory centrifuges, incubators, ovens, furnace, water baths, rotary evaporator, incubator shaker, spectrophotometer, orbital shakers, vortex mixers, magnetic stirrers, etc. We strive to offer customers a range of reliable products with the most competitive price. Furthermore, our prompt reaction and finest service are always our best support to customers.
With years鈥 experience in business, Meditry Instrument Co., Ltd. has established a long-term business relationship with some reputed ISO9001: 2000-certified Chinese manufacturers in scientific & laboratory line. Based on it, the company is able to obtain the reliable products with competitive prices and help those small to medium-sized companies to purchase reliable scientific & laboratory products at considerable savings.
We welcome all enterprises, domestic and foreign, to contact us for a mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.
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