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TP-XJP-A Sliding Trinocular metallurgical microscope with LED Lamp
TP-XJP-A Sliding Trinocular metallurgical microscope with LED Lamp
Origin of place China
Model TP-XJP-A
Supplier Toption Group Co., Ltd
Price 900~1500
Hits 512
Update 6/21/2018
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Technical parameters of metalloscope:
1) 45mm DIN Achromatic Objective: 10X, 100X(S, Oil)
2) Metallurgical plane-scope achromatic objective:40X(S)
3) Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece: WF10X, WF12.5X
4) Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece with 0.1mm cross micrometer:WF10X
5) Micro-ruler: 0.01mm/scale
6) Hinge type binocular head, eyes can adjust the spacing of 55-75mm
45 degree Inclined 
7) Total Magnification: 100X-1250X
8) Double Layers Mechanical Stage(200X180mm) with two plates(10 and 20mm)
9) Moving rang X-Y: 70x50mm
10)The gear rack mechanism of the coarse micro coaxial focusing device
11) Focusing range:25mm
12) Precision:0.002mm
13) Built-in Adjustable Brightness Halogen Lamp 6V/20W and Kohlar Illumination System with blue, green, yellow and ground glass filters


14)Packing Size:420x350x520mm


15)Weight: 8KG


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 Kohlar Illumination System with blue, green, yellow and ground glass filters

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4. Ultrasonic Instruments Series
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8. Conventional Lab Instrument Series
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