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Gel Imaging System
Gel Imaging System
Origin of place China
Model GIS300
Supplier Nanjing Chishun Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Update 2/23/2017
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GIS300Gel imaging analysis system uses imported CCD and gel analysis software, with high sensitivity, image clear, easy to operate and so on. It is suitable for DNA / RNA gel electrophoresis, protein gel, autoradiography, TLC plates, etc. GIS300 gel imaging system is widely used in molecular biology, forensic evidence, genetics, genetic diagnosis, virus and other areas. GIS300 is indispensable in teaching and research analytical instruments.

Performance characteristics:
鈼員apping on both sides of the window box design, equipped with anti-addition of glass observation window, user-friendly division of the nucleic acid samples.
鈼咵quipped with the safe use of equipment, opening a drawer will automatically turn off light, allowing users from ultraviolet radiation.
鈼哖rofessional integration of seal designed to protect the operator from UV radiation leaking diarrhea.
鈼咶ull computer control of all operating processes, highly programmed, computer-controlled zoom, iris and aggregation.
鈼哋perators can have real-time gel image through the computer , adjust the picture , settings, exposure function.
鈼咲rawer-type design, compatible with dual ultraviolet light, you can choose white two-drawer, reducing the sample cross-contamination may be.
鈼哢nique configuration with UV light box, white light box, UV reflectance two groups, both sides of the white light reflection device.

Technical Specifications:
鈼哖rivate fully enclosed gel imaging UV black-box
鈼咲rawer Light Box: UV sources and white conversion
鈼咵quipped with ultra-thin white board (the world's leading phosphor screen UV-white light conversion technology)
鈼哖rofessional Filter: 590nm super multi-coated filter, Close Up: Close-Up Lens
鈼咹ard integral camera equipment used to effectively drive out the noise. There are many ways for image acquisition hardware options
鈼咥utomatic lens adjustment, aperture, focus, exposure time, image acquisition and processing, and camera control software
鈼哠ensitivity: less than 0.005pgEB staining of the DNA double-stranded
鈼6 optical auto-zoom lens, Aperture: F1.2 ~ 16, with UV coating filter function group
鈼哤avelength: 300nm UV lamp reflector 254 and 365nm light source
鈼哢V Filter Area: UV 200 × 250nm, white board 200 × 200mm, both sides of the reflector 200 × 80mm
鈼咰onfigure the U.S. Gel-pro-specific gel imaging analysis software: It has advanced automatic lane identification features that can help lane and bands to identify, move, adjustm and number. It helps to export various experiments report to text or Excel format file. It helps to calculate and compare the nucleic acid, protein molecular weight, optical density, migration rates, and the PH value and the percentage of content such as the. And with 1D and 2D analysis, DotBlot image processing, analysis, colony counting, and cloning of the image analysis.

Image acquisition mode:
鈼咺t can acquire images from digital or analog CCD, scanners and other capture devices
鈼咶ull support for JPEG, TIFE, BMP and other image file formats
鈼哠upport the 24/48 for the color, 8/12/16 bit-accurate grayscale, 32-bit floating-point image

Qualitative analysis of images:
鈼咵nhance the image effect of the color, brightness, contrast
鈼哛emove background interference of the image
鈼哛otate the image under test, add text annotations
鈼咥utomatically or manually set the optical density correction function

Quantitative image analysis:
鈼哃ane Analysis: automaticly identify number of lanes and bands, automatically scan depicted curve, amend the bands and the former Ministry of distortions and other functions
鈼哅olecular weight calculation: selecting criteria lane molecular weight, to calculate the molecular weight of the other lanes
鈼咲ot Blot Analysis: Calculate the density value of each dot and make charts and other functions for round, rectangular (Slot Blots) Dots,
鈼咰olony counting: Auto / manual find Spot, variety choices of measurement parameters, and automaticly classify statistical data based on the user standard.
鈼咥rea Density: calculate the area of a region, density value, the average density values, etc.
鈼哻onvenient communication: All the analysis results of the calculation can be dynamically linked to Excel spreadsheet software for further analysis and processing
鈼哠urface 3D: surface 3D simulation can add supporting data

Image Database Management:
鈼哖rovide relevant information and map graphics database management, can quickly find photos, or printing, sending images
Custom Report
鈼哛eport generator are provided to produce professional documents and research reports that can help you create customized reports and print
Generated user program
鈼員he user can record the steps and generate process program, one mouse click to complete the current work

Nanjing Chishun Science and Technology Development Company Ltd. ,which is a hi-tech diversified substantial modern enterprise , is engaged in researching, manufacturing, sales and service of Laboratory Instruments. We have a group of outstanding professionals to provide customers with the first-class products and services.

Chishun Science and Technology was established in 2001 with the original name of Nanjing New Campus Biotechnology Institute. And to better exploit domestic and foreign markets, it changed to be the present name in 2005. The main products of our company are Vacuum Glove Box, Planetary Ball Mill, Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, Time Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, Gel electrophoresis and Image Analysis System, etc. , among which Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis and Time Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis are domestically original, owning a number of new model patents and invention patents and their performances have reached the international advanced level. Our products are highly praised by customers from nearly 30 domestic provinces and autonomous regions, Europe, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries or regions.

Chishun Science and Technology will provide customers with the best services of pre-and after-sales and keep updating and improving our products constantly in the spirit of "people-oriented, credit to win" service principle, on the grounds of quality first and in full compliance with ISO9001 quality management system standards. We hope to make greater contribution to the research and development of our country with a professional team, strict management and excellent equipments.
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