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Optical crystal Quartz low-order waveplate/retarder
Optical crystal Quartz low-order waveplate/retarder
Origin of place China
Model vy025
Supplier VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
Price $1
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Update 3/20/2018
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  Waveplates (retardation plates or phase shifters) are made from materials which exhibit birefringence. The velocites of the extraordinary and ordinary rays through the birefringent material varies inversely with their refractive indices. This difference in velocities gives rise to a phase difference when the two beams recombine. In the case of an incident linearly polarized beam this is given by δ=2πd(ne-no)/λ, where α is phase difference; d is thinkness of waveplate; ne, no are refrective indices of extraordinary and ordinary rays respectively; λ is wavelength. At any specific wavelength the phase difference is governed by the thinkness of the retarder.Standard Waveplates

Including full-wave (λ), half-wave (λ/2), quarter-wave (λ/4) and octadic-wave (λ/8) plates are widely used in synthesis and analysis of light in various states of polarization. 
Specification of our waveplate as follow:
*Dimension Tolerance:+/-0.20mm to +0.01/-0.01mm 
*ThicknessTolerance:+/-0.20mmto +/-0.005mm 
*Surface Quality:80-50 to 10-5 
*Flatness: at 633nm lambda -- lambda/20per 25mm 
*Clear Aperture:80% -- 100% 
*Parallelism(arc min):3min -- 3sec
*Crystals directional precision:5min to 30sec
*Bevel:0.3+/-0.20mm* 45degree 
*No Bevel 
*Coating R<0.2%  
*Other wavelengths within the range of 200-2300nm are also available upon request.
VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacturing kinds of optical precision components and lenses. Through many years' hard work and positive innovation, we have became a optical company integrating lens design, production and sales.
Our company has strong production capacity, in possession of the domestically top production line and excellent workers, which mainly are composed of researchers and technicists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and Changchun University of Science and Technology, they are experienced and can produce wide range of optical articles. The prime products are spherical lens, windows, prisms, achromatic lens, cylindrical mirror, laser optical components, infrared optical components, various crystals and some other relative items. In addition, our company has independently developed a magnifier, microscope, telescope and kinds of conversion lenses. Mainly used in military, aerospace, industry, scientific, medical instrument, photoelectric device, optical communication and mechanical equipment and so on. 80% of our items are sold abroad, in the meantime we also cooperate with internal companies, we offer OEM service!
Over the years, with the concept of " integrity, innovation, quality first ", we constantly provide our clients with the best products and perfect service, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to establish cooperation with us, creating a bright future in optical field!
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