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Hydrogen generators
Hydrogen generators
Origin of place United States
Model H-Series
Supplier Proton OnSite
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Update 6/11/2016
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Hydrogen H-Series generators utilize Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell stack and PSA technology to produce ultra-high purity hydrogen for various applications; some of which include materials processing, generator cooling and semiconductor fabrication, etc. These systems benefit hydrogen users by improving supply reliability and site safety, while also reducing hydrogen storage space.

The generators are modular, field-upgradeable and designed to compete with delivered hydrogen anywhere in the world. A single H6 unit will supply the equivalent of one and one-half jumbo tube trailers every month. Multiple H-systems may be combined for additional capacity at no extra integration cost.

• Auto fill water level control
• Water monitoring system including purity monitor
• Automatic production control
• System senses demand and adjusts production rate
• Purge airflow monitoring system assures safe operation
• Automatic leak detection system

Proton OnSite
Empowering the future, Today.

Proton Onsite manufactures hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero air generators that you can rely on. Our on-site gas generators provide a safe, reliable, and cost effective way for our customers to get the gas they need, when and where they need it.

Our commercial equipment is operating on every continent, from the middle of the desert and the depths of the sea, to the most prestigious laboratories in the world. No other company has as large of a commercial fleet, or as long of a recorded history with reliability as Proton OnSite.

We are exclusively focused on customer solutions, and have the experience and products to assure success.

Sales Team
Customer Service
Office: +1 203 949-8697

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Renewable Energy and Fueling Applications
Mark Schiller
Mobile: +1 203 921-7900
Office: +1 203 678-2185

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Government Research, Military, and Aerospace Applications
Steve Szymanski
Office: +1-203-678-2338

INDUSTRIAL Mexico, China, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Central/South America, Europe, Russia, Australia, and the Meteorological Market
John Speranza
Mobile: +1 860 490-0792
Office: +1 203 678-2326

INDUSTRIAL Middle East and Africa
Sam Ramsey
Office: +1 203 678-2124
Mobile: +1 408 623-3800

INDUSTRIAL Eastern US and Eastern Canada
David Wolff
Mobile: +1 860 604-3282

INDUSTRIAL Western US and Western Canada
Hal Scott
Mobile: +1 949.212.6535

INDUSTRIAL Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas; India; UK
Tom Skoczylas
Office: +1 203 678-2320
Mobile: +1 203 915-5239

LABORATORY International Market
Lesley Thomson
Mobile: +1 203 317-0885

LABORATORY Domestic Market
Erica Janas
Mobile: +1 203 654-6811
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