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Multimode Inlet
Multimode Inlet
Origin of place United Kingdom
Model Optic-4
Supplier Ellutia UK
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Update 6/11/2016
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Optic-4 Multimode Inlet
The Optic-4 has a range of features and solution that are not found in any other GC inlet. The patented low thermal mass design of the inlet body together with direct resistive heating provide fast linear temperature programming up to 600 °C at rates as high as 60 °C/s.

In addition to standard sampling modes, the programmable inlet can operate effectively as Large Volume Injection, Pyrolysis or Thermal Desorption sample introduction device. With the options for sub-ambient cooling, back-flush, cryogenic trapping and automated liner exchange, OPTIC-4 is the world's most versatile inlet for gas chromatography.

With the OPTIC-4, a user can introduce a wide range of samples to their GC including those containing high matrix or thermally labile compounds. The samples can also be water based or solid. Automated solvent venting procedure based on the standard solvent sensor in the split line makes large volume injections as easy as the industry standard split or splitless.

Dimensions: 34 cm x 14 cm x 34 cm (h x w x d), weight: 6.7 kg (controller)
Ambient operating temperature range: 18 – 40 C, ambient operating humidity: 40 – 70 %
Mains power: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Typical power consumption: 150 W, maximum power consumption: 450 W
Full electronic pressure/flow control
Maximum operating temperature: up to 600 C at a GC oven temperature of 35 C
Cooling: air (down to 35 C), LCO2 (down to -50 C), LN2 (down to -180 C)
Temperature ramp rates: 1 - 60 C/sec
Up to nine temperature program ramps including negative
Full electronic control of column, split and septum purge flows
Pressure range: 7 -700 kPa
Total flow range: 5 - 500 ml/min He (main channel, all models), 1 - 100 ml/min He (auxiliary channel, OPTIC-4D only)
Pressure sensor: accuracy : +- 1 % full scale, repeatability: +- 0.2 % full scale
Flow sensors: accuracy : +- 1 % full scale, repeatability: +- 0.2 % of full scale
He, N2 or H2 as carrier gas at a maximum pressure of 700 kPa
Solvent sensor in the split line

·LAN and USB
·Four auxiliary relay outputs (30 V/500 mA max.)
·Remote start/stop to GC and autosampler

·Method and sequence definition and development
·Real-time system status display
·Automatically generated optimization sequences
·Direct control of the instrument in Standby mode
·System run log file
·Password protection with two access levels

Cryogenic Trap Option
·Operating temperature range : -150 C to +350 C/li>
·Temperature ramp rates: 1 - 60 C/sec
·Cooling: LN2 from pressurized (150 -200 kPa) vessel

About Us
Ellutia design and produce a range of innovative gas chromatography instruments. Ellutia systems are designed to be smaller, faster, give greater sensitivity and be more energy efficient. The main focus is to supply complete solutions to analytical problems. By collaborating closely with customers Ellutia are able to produce, install and support customised systems to fit their exact requirements. This flexibility and customer focus sets Ellutia apart from the competition.

Cambridge Scientific Instruments, from the UK and its sister companies; Advanced Chromatography Systems, from the USA and Unicam Chromatography, joined together to create the global chromatography solutions brand Ellutia. All three companies have been working closely together designing, producing and selling the same innovative range of gas chromatography instruments for over five years, but have always been perceived as separate entities. By coming together as a single unified brand Ellutia will be able to deliver even more consistent, higher quality services and products around the world.
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