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High Performance Liquid Chromatography
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Origin of place China
Model WD-100
Supplier China Yangzhou Wandong Medical Co.,Ltd.
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Update 2/24/2017
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Flow rate锛0.001锝9.999 ml/min
Flow rate Step: 0.001mL/min銆 Pressure Display error 鈮0.5MPa(0锝42MPa)
Flow rate error锛歋R鈮0.3% Pressure fluctuation锛氣墹0.2 MPa
(Flow rate: 1mL/min锛孭ressure: 5锝10Mpa)
Flow rate (set value) error Ss鈮2%
(Water ,1mL/min 锛5锝10MPa,Room temperature) Tightness pressure: 42MPa锛
Time :10min锛孭ressure Drop <0.5MPa銆
Peak operation pressure锛42MPa(0.001锝9.999mL/min) Dimensions :450mm脳300mm脳160mm(length脳width脳height)

Wavelength range锛190锝600nm Baseline noise锛氣墹5脳10-5AU
Spectrum band length 锛8nm Baseline Drift 鈮5脳10-4AU

Detection Limit锛2脳10-8g/mL(Methano Solution of naphthalene)
Wavelength Repeatability> 0.2nm Dimensions锛450mm脳300mm脳160mm(length脳width脳height)
We, WD-Medical, who has a long history and experience with lab instruments.(both Chemical and Clinical). Totally our staff has about 20 years experience with HPLC.

Now we are the leading HPLC supplier in China. First pls have a look at our products:WD-100 series : http://www.wd-medical.com/hplc1.asp and WD-1600 series: http://www.wd-medical.com/hplc1.asp . They look very nice and we have sold them to many countries, such as US, India, Czechic and Germany.
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