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Fluorescence/Chemiluminescence imaging system
Fluorescence/Chemiluminescence imaging system
Origin of place China
Model ChemiScope 6300
Supplier Clinx Science Instruments Co.,Ltd
Price Contact us!--info@clinx.cn
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Update 11/21/2017
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Chemi Scope  6300 Fluorescence and Chemilluminescence Imaging system

 A step forwarder Imaging system, which provides Gel doc, Chemi doc and Fluorescence imaging applications.

It allows the researcher to eliminate the complicated process of diverse experiments.


In comprison with classic film imaging methode锛

ChemiScope series provides not only satisfying image effect, but also resolves the following disadvantages of the classic way.

1. hard to anticipate the exact exposure time,

2. hard to conduct semi-quantitavie analysis,

3. hard to avoid the toxic reagents when processing the films,

4. high cost for building the darkroom, processing mashine and developing liquid.

The figure below shows the images acquired by classic X-Ray Film and ChemiScope 6300.

In comparison with classic Imaging Systems:
ChemiScope 6300 has the following advantages:

1. the most sensitive system in the field of Chemi Doc;
2. intelligent matching system, which adjusts the capture parameters (e.g. filters, fluorescence LEDs, folcal length, aperture etc.) automatically according to the specific experiments;
3. adopts blue light LED for DNA detection instead of UV light;
4. absorbs remote control module, which allows the devices with WIFI capability to monitor and even manupulate the imaging process.
鈥 Application
鈻 DNA Detection
EtBr锛 Sybr™Gold锛孲ybr™Green锛孲ybr™Safe锛孏elStar™锛孎luorescein锛孴exas Red etc.
鈻 Protein Detection
Coomassie Brilliant Blut锛孲ilver Staining锛孲ypro™Red锛孲ypro™Orange锛孭ro-Q Diamond锛孌eep Purple etc.
鈻 Blot Membrane
Western Lightning銆丒CL銆丒CL plus銆丆DP Star銆丼uperSignal銆丆SPD銆丩umiGlo銆丆y2銆丆y3銆丆y5銆丗ITC銆丄lexa Dyes銆丏yLight Dyes銆丳roQ Diamond銆丳roQ Emerald 300銆丳roQ Emerald 488銆両R Dye 680 etc.

鈥籆hemiScope 6300 Specification
1. Frame锛34×34×58cm 
2. Three-Peltier Cooled CCD Cameras
  2.1 CCD Sensor锛12.49mmX9.99mm
  2.2 Resoluton锛6.05 Mega Pixels锛2750X2200锛
  2.3 Pixel size锛4.54X4.54um锛
  2.4 A/D锛16bit (65536 real gray) 锛
  2.5 Cooling temperature锛 -60鈩
3. Lens锛欶0.85 / F0.95 ultra transparent lens
4锛10 Inch LCD
5锛嶦pi White LED*2
6锛嶴ample tray锛歞ouble chemi sample trays, DNA detection sample tray 
7.  WIFI emitter device
8 . Free Software

Optional accessories锛
 Fluorescence LEDs


Clinx Science Instruments is a leading manufacturer in supplying BioImaging Systems for academic, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications in China.

All our products are designed by our qualified&well-experienced R&D team and have been exported to more than 20 countries and receive the consistent high praise. Clinx Science Instruments is continuously being directed towards our efforts to meet customers expectation.
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