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Illumination Incubator
Illumination Incubator
Origin of place China
Model LT-BIX200S/300S/400S/800S
Supplier LEAD-TECH (Shanghai) Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd
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Update 6/24/2018
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The sunlight incubator is a multi-function incubator that can simulate natural light conditions. It is applicable to culture of plant growth groups, seed germination, cultivation and breeding of plants, breeding of insects and small animals, microbial and anti-biological cultivation and preservation, and other constant temperature and lighting experiments.

1.User-friendly design

LCD touch-screen:
5.6” LCD Display, TFT16-bit true color, graphical interface system, and touch-operation. Provide users with a simple and convenient mode of operation.

Programmed multi-segment parameter setting: The device can set up multi-segment parameters according to actual situation to control operation of equipment. 30 phases and 99 rounds setting meet the needs of a variety of experimental conditions;

Inner glass door design: the device is equipped with a well-sealed inner glass door to facilitate real-time observation by the experimenter of the samples in the device.

Large rounded stainless steel liner design: the liner is constructed of SUS304 stainless steel, which effectively reduces dirt residual and microbial growth on the wall and facilitates user’s daily cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

2.Safety performance锛

Double safety early-warning system: the equipment is fitted with an electronic safety warning device and a mechanical self-contained temperature limiter, which effectively prevent abnormal operation from causing the failure of experiments due to the sudden malfunction of the equipment.

3.Performance description锛

Independent three-dimensional lighting liner: the liner in the incubator is surrounded by illumination on three sides, and achieves more accurate simulation of the natural environment.

Thermal circulation system: reasonable recycling of excess heat generated in the device during running, effectively reducing the heating time, and in the constant temperature process, appropriately decreasing the heat output of the heating tube and effectively increasing humidity in the incubator.

C-changer defrosting technology: it automatically adjusts the refrigeration output according to different environmental needs, and in combination with the cycle thermal system, achieves defrosting effect automatically and quickly.

High-performance operating system: on the basis of WINDOWS CE system platform, device operating software loads large-capacity memory and high CPU to ensure efficient operation of equipment.

Multiple external interfaces: the device is equipped with USB interface and RS232 interface, making it easier for the user to export a history of device operation and control the device remotely.
Temperature range锛坣o lighting锛
Temperature range锛坙ighting锛
Uniformity range (37 鈩)
Fluctuation range (37 鈩)
Maximum illumination
Recovery time for 30s door opening
Temperature recovery time (37 鈩)
Temperature recovery time (50 鈩)
Electrical indicator
Supply voltage
锝220V 50HZ
Input power
External dimensions (mm)
Liner size (mm)
Standard Configuration
Standard Shelf
Casing material
Q235A cold rolled steel
Liner material
SUS304 stainless steel
Note: All technical data are measured on standard equipment at an ambient temperature of 25鈩, relative humidity of 70% and voltage fluctuation of ±10%, and the door opening temperature and humidity are based on the recovery of 98% of the original state. The Company reserves the right to change technical specifications.
LEAD-TECH (Shanghai) Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd is a high-tech laboratory equipment development and manufacturing enterprise. By means of advanced design concepts and ten years of manufacturing management experience of Australia LEAD Company in laboratory equipment manufacturing as well as some domestic scientific and technical personnel engaged in innovative development and high-quality employees, it is dedicated to design and development of high-end laboratory infrastructure, and provides first-class experimental means for technology enterprises, medical institutions, universities and other potential customers to create the perfect career.

By adhering to the business tenet of 鈥淔ocusing on Quality and Integrity", we provide customers with comprehensive, full and accurate services to make customers get the maximum value, and create win-win situation with customers. We need to constantly innovate to maintain sync with the international advanced technology, continue to draw on the latest technologies of Europe and America, and serve the society by manufacture of products with a new concept.

Our products, services and applications:
1銆丮anufacture of biological and medical laboratory equipment.
2銆丮anufacture of drug and food inspection equipment.
3銆丳roviding biological and chemical laboratory building programs.
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