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ELISA  96ch Microplate washer with automatic dredge function
ELISA 96ch Microplate washer with automatic dredge function
Origin of place Japan
Model MW-96CR
Supplier Medica Tec.
Price Call:+86-15110235386 or Email
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Update 6/25/2018
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a)    96ch washing at same time

b)  Automatic dredge function to clean the nozzle

c)    Automatic Head Rinsing

d)    Three set of nozzlereduce contamination transfer between well

e)    Can be handled by the manufacturers 96ch microplate

f)   Automatic Piston Plunging System

After washing action, automatically cleaning washing head, to prevent fluid caused crystallization have in washing nozzle[Piston Plunging Unit] take the initiative to clean up the foreign body in nozzle.

[Piston Plunging Unit] working at the certain time on washing process, to clean up the foreign body in nozzle.





10 +50None Dewfall锛夛紝humidity less than 85%

Dispense volume


Wash time


Wash mode

96ch dispense at same time, suction at same time

Washing liquid head

96 nozzledispense 96 nozzle; suction 96 nozzle

Micro plate

All sorts of 96ch micro plate

Residual liquid

Every well≤1.5μL

Washing liquid dunk time

maximum 999 second

Washing mode

Normal, Dispense, Aspirate, Dispense End, 9 user program memory




25Kg(with pump)


AC100V(AC240 available)100VA




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