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Real-Time  PCR
Real-Time PCR
Origin of place China
Model 1890
Supplier Shanghai Huguo Science Instrument Co.,Ltd
Price Please Email : shhuguo2@126.com
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Update 1/12/2018
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Company IntroductionCompany IntroductionCompany IntroductionCharacteristics
1. Open system,supports different reagents,inc l uding plenty of generic and specific kits provided
2. Amplification and detection performed in closed reaction tube to avoid contamination
3. Accuracy of Reaction temperature at thermal epuilibrium≤0.5鈩
4. Max heating range up to 10鈩/sec,adjustable heating rate and cooling rate from
5. Dynamic range: 10-10 copies
6. Endurable and maintenance-free LED cold light source
7. Supporting at least 4 fluorescence formats
8. Complete amplification and detection no longer than 50 minutes
9. Measures fluorescence light at no less than 3 different wavelengths at the same time with color compensation function
10. Supplied with PCR amplification,analysis software,and probe design software
General data: Dimension
Weight 20kg
Power Supply 锝220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz
Wattage max800W
Samples: Type
Number of Samples per 32
RunSample Volume 10 to 20 ul
Temperature: Temperature Range 40鈩冿綖99鈩
Temperature Rates 20鈩/S
Excitarion: Type LED
Wavelength 470nm
Detector: Type Photohybrid
Channel 1 530nm
Channel 2 640nm
Channel 3 710nm

Shanghai Huguo science instrument co.,ltd was founded in 2002. The company aims at selling laboratory and medical instrument at the begining. In 2004, after reorganization, investors products were introduced to the company. The selling area was enlarged. At the same time, the company employed technical people who specialized in investigation and development of laboratory and medical instrument. There are several series of products now. Among them, we developed the fluorescence series not only acoording to the spectrofluorophotometer from the investorss technic, but also developed the PCR and Time resolved fluoroisnmunoassay,TRFIA and so on by ourselves. Our company pays a lot of enery on the project and it is the a unipue technical in China. We are one of the important enterprices that has the independent knowledge property right.
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