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Metallurgical Microscope 53XC
Metallurgical Microscope 53XC
Origin of place China
Model 53XC
Supplier Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Technology.Co.,Ltd.
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Update 6/22/2018
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鈼 Purpose

53XC reflected metallurgical microscopes are suitable to observe the microscopical
surfaces of non-transparent object. They are equipped with large move range mechanical stages, reflected vertical illumination and set polarizer device in trinocular. They have clear and high-contrast picture beautiful sculpt, convenient control and etc. they are the ideal instrument in research work in metallography, mineralogy, precision engineering, electronics and etc. They are suitable for scientific research, teaching demonstration in the colleges and factory.

鈼 Features

鈻 With plan achromatic objectives with long working distance (no cover glass) and
wide-field eyepiece, can get clear pictures and wide view field.
鈻 With large move range mechanical stages, can move quickly and slowly.
鈻 Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum
division of fine focusing: 0.7渭m.
鈻 6V 20W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness.
鈻 Trinocular, can switch to observe normally or to observe the polarize,
can send 100% of light to the binocular eyepieces or to the top port.

鈼 Specification

1. Eyepiece: Wide field WF10X(肖18mm) WF16X(肖11mm)
Plan dividing 10X(0.10mm/ div)
2. Objective: Plan achromatic (No cover glass)
PL5/0.12 PL10X/0.25 PL20X/0.40 PL40X/0.65(spring) PL50X/0.7(spring) PL60X/0.75(spring) PL80X/0.8 PL100X/1.25oil(spring) PL100X/0.85dry(spring)
3. Eyepiece tube:
Trinocular, Compensation(inclination of 30掳), including analyzer
4. Nosepiece
Quintuple (Frontward ball bearing inner locating)
5. Focus system
Stage adjustable, Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 0.7渭m.
6. Illumination unit
6V/20w halogen lamp, brightness control. Vertical illumination with field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm and polarizer, (Y, B, G) filter and frosted filter
7. Stage
Three layer mechanical锛圫ize: 250mmX230mm, moving range:154mmX154mm锛
8. CCD camera unit
CCD camera unit and accessories, Color TV

鈼 Outfit

1. Microscope main body 1unit
2. Wide field eyepiece 10X 1pair
3. Plan achromatic objective 5X锛10X锛20X, 40X锛80X 1unit each
4. Trinocular tube (including analyzer) 1unit
5. Quintuple nosepiece 1pc
6. 6V 20W halogen lamp 1pc

鈼 Optional accessories

1. Wide field eyepiece 16X (蠁11mm) and Dividing 10X(蠁18mm) 0.1mm/Div
2. Plan achromatic objective 50X銆60X銆100X /0.85(dry) and 100X/1.25(oil)
3. Filter Green , Blue and Yellow
4. Photo unit: CCD camera unit and accessories锛孋olor TV
5. CCD Adapter 0.4 and 0.5X
6. Digital Camera CANON
7. Stage: Three layer mechanical锛圫ize: 280mmX270mm,moving range:204mmX204mm锛

Company name: Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Technology.Co.,Ltd.
Address: 700A,No.60 JiLin Rd,Shanghai, P. R. China
ZIP/Postal code: 200082
Telephone: 86-21-65851879
Mobile phone: 86-13816203385
Fax: 86-21-65851892
Contact person: Lugu
E-mail: lugu6688@126.com , sjl1495@126.com
URL: http://www.jxphotonics.com/

Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company with its main features of the applied technology and applied service for the photonics instruments and devices, as well as with its main business direction of importing & exporting processing commerce, technical service and technical R&D. Besides, Jinnshine also applies itself to develop the markets of the instruments and devices and photonics銆technical applications, and serves for integrating and outfitting industrial instruments and devices.

Jinnshine is a high-tech limited company originated and established by the homecoming doctors and senior experts in photoelectric instruments and devices.

Our staff members consist of experienced automatic control engineers, optical engineers, electronic circuit engineers, computer engineers and mechanical engineers. Hence, Jinnshine possesses powerful innovation ability in the technical fields of the photonics instruments and devices. Moreover, Jinnshine also supplies excellent products and original technologies, mighty technical support, efficient maintenance of products and service after sales. Furthermore, Jinnshine provides advanced practical technique projects and system integration and outfit projects for our clients, and takes responsibility for complete tracking until the projects are finished successfully.

Jinnshine coordinates and combines various different kinds of resources according to the manners of sharing and holding stocks. The headquarters of Jinnshine is responsible for R&D and sales service as well as technique transfer etc. On the other hand, the subsidiary companies deal with their own specialized business, such as锛

1 Optical parts: lens, optical coating, and optical filters etc.
2 Optical Instruments: microscopes,
3 Electronic Instruments: CCD cameras, CMOS cameras etc.
Wholeheartedly welcome all experts, companies, enterprises, institutes and organizations from internal or abroad to cooperate with us. It is our honor to satisfy the requirements from our clients and cooperators.

Company name锛 Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Technology.Co.,Ltd.
Address锛 700A,No.60 JiLin Rd,Shanghai
ZIP/Postal code锛200082
Telephone锛 86-21-65851879
Fax锛 86-21-65851892
Contact person锛 Lugu
URL锛 http://www.jxphotonics.com/
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