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Origin of place China
Model 15JE
Supplier Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Technology.Co.,Ltd.
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Update 6/22/2018
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鈪 Use:

Digital-display measuring microscope is one of optical measure instruments. Its measuring worktable may move along with X/Y-direction and rotate with vertical axis. The moving distance of X/Y-direction may be read form digital-display reading installation, and rotary angle may be read from dial and norius. With simple structure and convenient operation, this instrument is widely used and the main use is as following:

1. Rectangular coordinate measures length, example: hole distance, base level distance, reticle width, key slit width, slit width, inner and outer circle diameter, etc.

2. Rotary dial measures angel, example: dial, sampler, gauge, drilling templet, and other parts with complicated geometrical shape.

3. Used as observing microscope to examine surface cleanness, appraisal ore sample in metallurgy industry, appraisal printing photoengraving, examine weave fiber etc. in comparative method.



Zoom multiple of microscope

Working distance

Diameter of field of view

 Zoom multiple/ numerical value hole diameter


Zoom multiple


2.5脳/ 0.08







10脳/ 0.25





鈪 Main specification of measuring worktable reading installation

1.Measuring range

(1) Worktable measuring direction X-direction 50mm

Y-direction 13mm

(2) Circulate worktable angle measuring range 0 ~ 360

2. Division value

(1)Division value of worktable digital-display reading installation 0.001mm

(2)Division value of circulate worktable 1掳

(3) Division value of circulate worktable nonius 6'

3. Instrument measuring precision

Note: L- the length of tested part (mm)

Instrument displayed-value error

Including measuring error and instrument system error

4.Measuing location temperature change 锛20卤3锛

鈪 Main dimension of instrument

Max. distance between measuring table objectives 80mm

Diameter of measuring worktable 120mm

Overall dimension of instrument Height 332 脳 length 284 脳 width 263.5mm

鈪 Weight of instrument

Weight 11kg

Company name锛 Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Technology.Co.,Ltd.
Address锛 700A,No.60 JiLin Rd,Shanghai
ZIP/Postal code锛200082
Telephone锛 86-21-65851879
Fax锛 86-21-65851892
Contact person锛 Lugu
E-mail锛 lugu6688@126.com 锛宭ugu48@hotmail.com
Website锛 http://www.jxphotonics.com/

Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company with its main features of the applied technology and applied service for the photonics instruments and devices, as well as with its main business direction of importing & exporting processing commerce, technical service and technical R&D. Besides, Jinnshine also applies itself to develop the markets of the instruments and devices and photonics銆technical applications, and serves for integrating and outfitting industrial instruments and devices.

Jinnshine is a high-tech limited company originated and established by the homecoming doctors and senior experts in photoelectric instruments and devices.

Our staff members consist of experienced automatic control engineers, optical engineers, electronic circuit engineers, computer engineers and mechanical engineers. Hence, Jinnshine possesses powerful innovation ability in the technical fields of the photonics instruments and devices. Moreover, Jinnshine also supplies excellent products and original technologies, mighty technical support, efficient maintenance of products and service after sales. Furthermore, Jinnshine provides advanced practical technique projects and system integration and outfit projects for our clients, and takes responsibility for complete tracking until the projects are finished successfully.

Jinnshine coordinates and combines various different kinds of resources according to the manners of sharing and holding stocks. The headquarters of Jinnshine is responsible for R&D and sales service as well as technique transfer etc. On the other hand, the subsidiary companies deal with their own specialized business, such as锛

1 Optical parts: lens, optical coating, and optical filters etc.
2 Optical Instruments: microscopes,
3 Electronic Instruments: CCD cameras, CMOS cameras etc.
Wholeheartedly welcome all experts, companies, enterprises, institutes and organizations from internal or abroad to cooperate with us. It is our honor to satisfy the requirements from our clients and cooperators.

Company name锛 Shanghai Jinnshine Photonics Technology.Co.,Ltd.
Address锛 700A,No.60 JiLin Rd,Shanghai
ZIP/Postal code锛200082
Telephone锛 86-21-65851879
Fax锛 86-21-65851892
Contact person锛 Lugu
URL锛 http://www.jxphotonics.com/
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