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Gas chromatography
Gas chromatography
Origin of place China
Model GC-1600
Supplier China Yangzhou Wandong Medical Co.,Ltd.
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Update 6/19/2018
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GC 1600 is a new generation GC that adopts the advantages from many
well known GC suppliers worldwide. It could be equipped with FID,TCD, FPD and the NPD. We could use it to detect mineral锛 organics whose boiling point is under 399掳C and even do normal, micro and even trace analysis. Our GC is widely used in Petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, power, environmental area and many other many fields.

Main features:
1. PC control, precision temperature(鈮ぢ0.1掳C), and it could realize fifth stage program temperature rise銆
2. All the parameters could be set with the keyboard. . In addition, it has functions of self diagnosis, power-off protection, 10 kinds of modes of saving and invoking files, 2 controls of external events, timing start-up/shut-down temperature control, timing procedures, parameter and range settings of detector, settings and display of polarity and current and some other functions, which enables the instrument to specifically display setting values, actual values, timings for saving and analysis of each temperature control, etc.
3. Three over-heated protection electricity routes.
4.Double gas flow route and double sampling system.
5.Capable of packed column and capillary analysis.
6.Fast cooling down of the column oven.
7.Double packed column sample injector, double FID, TCD detector, sample injector special for capillary column and gas injection valve are optional.
8.Large capacity column oven (235*165*36mm), convenient for capillary column and double packed column installation. The structure of embedded heaters is advantageous to do capillary analysis.

Sensitivity: S鈮2500mV.ml/mg
Drift: 鈮100uV/30min
Noise: 鈮20uV
Linear range: 鈮10000

Sensitivity: Mt鈮1脳10-11 g/s
Drift: 鈮2脳10-12 A/30min
Noise: 鈮2脳10-13 A
Linear range: 鈮1000000
We, WD-Medical, who has a long history and experience with lab instruments.(both Chemical and Clinical). Totally our staff has about 20 years experience with HPLC.

Now we are the leading HPLC supplier in China. First pls have a look at our products:WD-100 series : http://www.wd-medical.com/hplc1.asp and WD-1600 series: http://www.wd-medical.com/hplc1.asp . They look very nice and we have sold them to many countries, such as US, India, Czechic and Germany.
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