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TLC plates
TLC plates
Origin of place China
Model WT
Supplier China Yangzhou Wandong Medical Co.,Ltd.
Price RMB
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Update 6/22/2017
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TLC Plate

Packing Material P/N Specs.(mm) Package (Pcs/box锛
Silica Gel W-CS7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, G 50
W-CS7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, H 50
W-CSF7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, GF254 50
W-CSF7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, HF254 50
W-CS10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, G 40
W-CS10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, H 40
W-CSF10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 40
W-CSF10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 40
W-CS20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, G 20
W-CS20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, H 20
W-CSF20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-CSF20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-CS100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, G 20
W-CS100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, H 20
W-CSF100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-CSF100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-CS200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, G 10
W-CS200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, H 10
W-CSF200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 10
W-CSF200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 10
Silica Gel(CM) W-CM7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, G 50
W-CM7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, H 50
W-CMF7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, GF254 50
W-CMF7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, HF254 50
W-CM10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, G 40
W-CM10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, H 40
W-CMF10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 40
W-CMF10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 40
W-CM20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, G 20
W-CM20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, H 20
W-CMF20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-CMF20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-CM100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, G 20
W-CM100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, H 20
W-CMF100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-CMF100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-CM200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, G 10
W-CM200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, H 10
W-CMF200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 10
W-CMF200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 10
HILIC Bonded Silica Gel W-CH7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, G 50
W-CH7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, H 50
W-CHF7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, GF254 50
W-CHF7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, HF254 50
W-CH10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, G 40
W-CH10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, H 40
W-CHF10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 40
W-CHF10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 40
W-CH20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, G 20
W-CH20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, H 20
W-CHF20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-CHF20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-CH100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, G 20
W-CH100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, H 20
W-CHF100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-CHF100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-CH200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, G 10
W-CH200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, H 10
W-CHF200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 10
W-CHF200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 10

Amino Bonded Silica Gel W-NH7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, G 50
W-NH7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, H 50
W-NHF7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, GF254 50
W-NHF7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, HF254 50
W-NH10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, G 40
W-NH10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, H 40
W-NHF10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 40
W-NHF10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 40
W-NH20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, G 20
W-NH20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, H 20
W-NHF20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-NHF20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-NH100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, G 20
W-NH100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, H 20
W-NHF100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-NHF100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-NH200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, G 10
W-NH200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, H 10
W-NHF200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 10
W-NHF200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 10
C18 Bonded Silica Gel W-OD7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, G 50
W-OD7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, H 50
W-ODF7525-0 25脳75mm, 60Å, GF254 50
W-ODF7525-1 25脳75mm, 60Å, HF254 50
W-OD10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, G 40
W-OD10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, H 40
W-ODF10050-0 50脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 40
W-ODF10050-1 50脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 40
W-OD20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, G 20
W-OD20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, H 20
W-ODF20050-0 50脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-ODF20050-1 50脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-OD100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, G 20
W-OD100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, H 20
W-ODF100100-0 100脳100mm, 60Å, GF254 20
W-ODF100100-1 100脳100mm, 60Å, HF254 20
W-OD200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, G 10
W-OD200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, H 10
W-ODF200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 10
W-ODF200200-1 200脳200mm, 60Å, HF254 10
PreparaWive WLC(Silica Gel) WZ-CS200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, G 10
WZ-CSF200200-0 200脳200mm, 60Å, GF254 10

Packing Material P/N Specs./mm Package(Pcs/Box)
Silica Gel W9-CS7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, G 50
W9-CS7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, H 50
W9-CSF7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, GF254 50
W9-CSF7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, HF254 50
W9-CS10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, G 40
W9-CS10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, H 40
W9-CSF10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 40
W9-CSF10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 40
W9-CS20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CS20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CSF20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CSF20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CS100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CS100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CSF100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CSF100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CS200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, G 10
W9-CS200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, H 10
W9-CSF200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 10
W9-CSF200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 10
Silica锛圕M锛 W9-CM7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, G 50
W9-CM7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, H 50
W9-CMF7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, GF254 50
W9-CMF7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, HF254 50
W9-CM10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, G 40
W9-CM10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, H 40
W9-CMF10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 40
W9-CMF10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 40
W9-CM20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CM20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CMF20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CMF20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CM100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CM100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CMF100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CMF100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CM200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, G 10
W9-CM200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, H 10
W9-CMF200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 10
W9-CMF200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 10
HILIC Bonded Silica Gel W9-CH7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, G 50
W9-CH7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, H 50
W9-CHF7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, GF254 50
W9-CHF7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, HF254 50
W9-CH10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, G 40
W9-CH10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, H 40
W9-CHF10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 40
W9-CHF10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 40
W9-CH20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CH20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CHF20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CHF20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CH100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CH100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CHF100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CHF100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CH200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, G 10
W9-CH200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, H 10
W9-CHF200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 10
W9-CHF200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 10
Amino Boned Silica Gel W9-CN7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, G 50
W9-CN7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, H 50
W9-CNF7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, GF254 50
W9-CNF7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, HF254 50
W9-CN10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, G 40
W9-CN10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, H 40
W9-CNF10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 40
W9-CNF10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 40
W9-CN20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CN20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CNF20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CNF20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CN100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CN100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-CNF100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-CNF100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CN200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, G 10
W9-CN200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, H 10
W9-CNF200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 10
W9-CNF200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 10
C18 Bonded Silica Gel W9-CO7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, G 50
W9-CO7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, H 50
W9-COF7525-0 25脳75mm, 90Å, GF254 50
W9-COF7525-1 25脳75mm, 90Å, HF254 50
W9-CO10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, G 40
W9-CO10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, H 40
W9-COF10050-0 50脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 40
W9-COF10050-1 50脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 40
W9-CO20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CO20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-COF20050-0 50脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-COF20050-1 50脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CO100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, G 20
W9-CO100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, H 20
W9-COF100100-0 100脳100mm, 90Å, GF254 20
W9-COF100100-1 100脳100mm, 90Å, HF254 20
W9-CO200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, G 10
W9-CO200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, H 10
W9-COF200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, GF254 10
W9-COF200200-1 200脳200mm, 90Å, HF254 10
PreparaWive TLC(Silica Gel) WZ-CS200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, G 10
WZ-CSF200200-0 200脳200mm, 90Å, H 10
We, WD-Medical, who has a long history and experience with lab instruments.(both Chemical and Clinical). Totally our staff has about 20 years experience with HPLC.

Now we are the leading HPLC supplier in China. First pls have a look at our products:WD-100 series : http://www.wd-medical.com/hplc1.asp and WD-1600 series: http://www.wd-medical.com/hplc1.asp . They look very nice and we have sold them to many countries, such as US, India, Czechic and Germany.
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